Sunday, June 30, 2013

P-P-P-Perfect P day

Today would have been a perfect day to stay in our pajamas all day! We didn't do a whole lot which was nice. I did get the house cleaned...somewhat! Anyway, first thing this morning Myla discovered this Leap Frog activity that Nana brought over the night before and concentrated on getting all the letters in the right spot.
Such concentration and her glasses make her look so sophisticated. ;) 

 Making her glasses case look "pretty"
P is for Pretty!

 Playing with Play-Doh
Making play-doh Ps!

Then Myla watched a Penguin video on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood website while I got things ready (I have to admit, it was a good website!)

She was fascinated with the penguins and started telling me all about them..."mom, did you know they have to sit on their babies so they stay warm?!"

Making her penguin

 She wanted to take one pic with glasses on and one with them off. :)
(Side note...she wanted to wear them all day even though dr said it's only for times when she needs to see up close. But they kept slipping off her little nose...might have to go get them re-adjusted)

Our final craft activity was thinking of a pattern out of pom-poms and gluing them on a P

 She did a pretty good job with the pattern!
so Proud!

And later, helping Mommy make pizza pasta bake...

It was really yummy!!

And we just had to have pudding for dessert!

Such a Perfect day!!

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