Sunday, June 16, 2013

F is for Father's Day

Today was not a big learning day with the letter F but we did have a great day celebrating Father's Day! We surprised Jeff with a few fun things... Yesterday we prepared some daddy coupons and put them inside balloons for Daddy to pop. The original plan was that the things inside the balloons would be more of our plan for the day but I knew better. I knew he would have an idea of what he would want to do. So we just did coupons for things like a free car wash, your choice of restaurant for lunch today, lots of hugs and kisses. etc.
Then we hung them over the bar area before daddy woke up!
Cards and pictures to decorate the mantle
Myla was adamant that he closed his eyes! She kept saying, "Daddy, no peeking! Are you ready?"
We did get a picture before all the balloon-popping began.
Mini Me
Popping balloons and reading the coupons! So fun :)
And yes, that is a pocket knife they are using...I did not have any push pins or tacks in the house. That I could find anyway. :-/
I think his favorite coupon was for the free Nike golf shirt but other cool ones included a "tippy-toe" massage (where myla walks on daddy's back) Then he opened his gift. A picture we took for him...which was quite challenging to pull off, I might add!
Here's what's in the frame...
Much more challenging than I thought. Noah would not hold the sign and it took us awhile to figure out how to hold it etc. Thanks to mom for coming over and taking the pic for us so I could hold the sign up!! Once we all got ready it was time for Jeff to choose the restaurant for lunch. Buffalo Wild Wings was his pick!
I did sneak a little learning in while at lunch. I had Myla find the "F"s on her menu.
After lunch we went to Stride Rite for some shoe shopping but it was short-lived. We didn't find anything. Noah kept getting compliments on his outfit so thought I would capture the cuties.
Once we got home we continued with our letter of the day activities. Myla discovered the envelope with the magazine pictures from yesterday that we didn't sort. She hopped on up to the table, got the pics out and started naming them. I then realized that it was a good idea that we should go through them first just to be sure she knows what the pics were trying to show so that later when we sort them she may be able to differentiate the sounds.??
Then we made our Fox. She insisted on cutting out the tail and she did a pretty good job!
Then we were off on our scavenger hunt! She was so proud because she found the frog all by herself!
Here is what we found in less than five, feet, flower, frog and frame!
It was then naptime (which really was rest time since she did not fall asleep today.) I got the house cleaned up a little and finished our father's day gift for Jeff's dad...
Turned out pretty cute and then we were off to Jeff's parent's house for dinner. We had a nice time even though Noah ran a low fever as soon as we got there. Nothing a little ibuprofen can't fix.:) Here are a few pics.
It was a super day. I wish I had spent time with my dad though. It's tough being in different states but we got to talk and I got to tell him how much I love and appreciate him. I am very blessed. Tomorrow Myla starts Vacation Bible school for the week so we will have to see how the letter of the day works out. I definitely plan on taking tomorrow off for a review day so no "new" letter tomorrow!

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