Thursday, August 4, 2011


Myla is doing pretty good with Potty training. She tells us with enough notice to "hold it" for #1 which is a good thing, especially when you are in the car or if I'm tied up with Noah for the moment. We are still working on #2. She seems terrified of going in the potty. So needless to say, she has taken care of her business in her panties instead. I know, TMI...but she really gets upset with herself when she does and she knows she's supposed to go in the potty but there's a mental block or something. I hear this usually takes some time.

Noah is doing a little better with his naps. I think the biggest thing is staying consistent in putting him down and not rushing in to get him. There have been several naps where he has woken up early and has been able to put himself back to sleep. The past 2 days he has taken 2 1/2 hr naps in the afternoon! Today we haven't been so lucky. He is also not sleeping through the night quite yet either but hoping he will before I go back to school in less than 2 weeks. I think he is close though. We plan to put him in his crib upstairs tomorrow night in hopes that he will get used to being in there. He has been napping and sleeping in our room still. Love that little guy but I'm hoping we will all sleep better with him upstairs!

Here are his 3 month pics!!