Sunday, June 30, 2013

P-P-P-Perfect P day

Today would have been a perfect day to stay in our pajamas all day! We didn't do a whole lot which was nice. I did get the house cleaned...somewhat! Anyway, first thing this morning Myla discovered this Leap Frog activity that Nana brought over the night before and concentrated on getting all the letters in the right spot.
Such concentration and her glasses make her look so sophisticated. ;) 

 Making her glasses case look "pretty"
P is for Pretty!

 Playing with Play-Doh
Making play-doh Ps!

Then Myla watched a Penguin video on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood website while I got things ready (I have to admit, it was a good website!)

She was fascinated with the penguins and started telling me all about them..."mom, did you know they have to sit on their babies so they stay warm?!"

Making her penguin

 She wanted to take one pic with glasses on and one with them off. :)
(Side note...she wanted to wear them all day even though dr said it's only for times when she needs to see up close. But they kept slipping off her little nose...might have to go get them re-adjusted)

Our final craft activity was thinking of a pattern out of pom-poms and gluing them on a P

 She did a pretty good job with the pattern!
so Proud!

And later, helping Mommy make pizza pasta bake...

It was really yummy!!

And we just had to have pudding for dessert!

Such a Perfect day!!

O, glorious day!

O day was yesterday and was O so much fun. Started off the day with Cheerios for breakfast, of course.

Our original plan for the day was to go swipe Cousin Olivia so she could join in on the O activities since she was an expert on the letter, but she already had plans for the whole day. Sooo, we took a little drive to the turtle pond so we could be Outside.

O is for outside

Some other pics from the pond...

It was sooooo hot so we didn't stay very long.

Then we hopped in the car to go get a drink at Sonic. We decided to get some Orange cream slushes and onion rings, in honor of O day. It's always good to have an excuse for onion rings!

 Myla in the O!

We played a few games of tic-tac-toe. Myla was the Os and she beat me every time.

Headed inside to finish off the orange cream slushes...Oh, what a mess!

While we were out, Myla kept noticing all the Os she saw in the signs around town. I just happened to have my camera so I snapped some pictures of the signs we found with Os. Then it sparked a neat project idea....We printed off the signs, Myla highlighted the Os and we glued them on her purple O from earlier to make an O collage. 

Myla immediately wanted to start on the next activity so we made our Owl craft.

And finally, writing her Os on her ABC strip.

Shortly after this last pic, it was time to go get her glasses! She was so excited! 

Our very own little Bernice!
Or her as her Nona says, She looks "outrageously outstanding!"

Friday, June 28, 2013

N day :)

We had a lot on our agenda today but we had fun squeezing in a little learning.  Myla tracing her sensory letter and reviewing her N animal card. Anyone ever seen a narwhal?

Noah likes to join in on the fun he is learning the N sound...
Every letter he sees he will point to it and yell "A!!" I guess he has a 1/26 chance to being right. :)

Myla and I talked about the people in our family whose names start with N so we made this...

We left to go pick out Myla's glasses and she fell in love with this pair!
Even though the dr said she won't have to wear them all the time, I have a feeling she will want to!
After our trip to VisionWorks we headed out to grapevine mills to exchange a few things. Ended up actually keeping the cute Sperry shoes Jeff picked out for Myla earlier in the week but we did find some Sperry's for Noah. 
Anyway, once we were back home we got to our "Catching N words" game. We had nets from another game that we used and we wrote some N words on paper, folded them in half and threw them up in the air for them to catch.

It was a little challenging so I decided to throw them over our loft so it would have more time to fall. I also just threw one at a time so it was much easier!
She would catch the words and read them. :)

Trying to upload a video of our game but blogger is not cooperating...guess i will try later.

Here are our words!
Then right after this pic, a package arrived...from Nona! She sent Myla a New book called The Best Nest!
 The best part was that Nona was set to call her at bedtime to read it to her! She was soo excited!

We were already planning on making a nest today so this book was perfect. Making her nest our of her N....

Reviewing some letters using our stickers and paper towel tube. Great for fine motor skills too.

Waiting for Nona's phone call to read her story!
 Night-Night story from Nona! So special
 She was smiling and giggling during the whole story. :)

Great day of making memories!