Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We took the last 2 days to review our letters A-F. Myla started Vacation Bible School this week so we haven't had as much time until the afternoons. We did some fun review activities yesterday... I had these cute Animal ABC cards that we reviewed with and I had Myla sort her magnetic letters on them. She is an expert when it comes to matching the right letters.
I wanted to see how well she knew which letter was which by name so we did a hide and seek type game under the dining room table. I told her that the little letter that I called out needed to be "rescued" and it was her job to dive down under the table to get it as fast as she could.
She did pretty well. Here she is rescuing letter A! I did realize that she has confusion between the C, D and F. So we lined the magnetic letters up in order and pointed and said their names together. I placed the letters across the room for Myla to run and rescue. She did so much better with this round. :) Right before nap, I placed the letters on the stairs and we said the letters as we went upstairs. She loved this and wants to keep them there all the time.
Last thing we did yesterday was hang all her letters so far on our mantle. She was so proud!
I did decide to take another day to review instead of moving on to letter G. I would still like for Myla to be 100% on the letters we learned before moving on but soon realized it would take some time. She very quickly would memorize where each letter was or what color it was and I wasn't sure if she really knew them yet. So we did some sensory stuff today... Writing letters in salt
Sensory letters we borrowed from my sister, made out of sandpaper
Writing letters in shaving cream---definitely her favorite! Of course, I let her just play and explore first before making her write.
More on letter recognition...using her "magic wand" (aka popsicle stick) to point to the right letters.
Then I wrote the letters A-F with a dry erase marker inside a muffin tin. I had her match with the magnetic letters.
Lastly, we took a round magnet and tossed them into one of the muffin cups. If it landed inside one, we had to say the letter. She did pretty good! Still some confusion on C and D and not always sure about F but she did memorize where they were on the muffin tin so it appeared she knew them all!
We will move on to letter G tomorrow!

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