Sunday, June 23, 2013

K is for kick jug, kangaroo and kisses!

Have I mentioned how much I love summer?! I feel so incredibly blessed that I can have these days off with my play with them, spend time with, teach, nurture, love....the list goes on. We had a great day today. We spent most of it outside and it was beautiful. We started off with some learning on the iPad and tracing our sensory letters. K is a tough letter to write for a 4 year old, I've discovered. We will get better. :) After laying around a little, we played a little game called kick jug! I had prepared an old milk jug with Ks and words that started with K. Of course, I added some pics so Myla would feel confident in the words. I wanted to be sure she could determine what the words meant based on my beautiful art work. Ha! We spent a little time going over the words and pictures.
Then I would ask her find certain words. She loved it because she felt like she was "reading".
Then we took the jug outside. Game is simple...take turns kicking and then point and say a K word that you can see. Here are a few pics of our game.
Then we decided we needed a better starting point. Noah was actually doing well placing it back in the general area but Myla wanted it exact so we drew a big K to mark the starting point.
Then we made a web of all the words on the jug as we kicked and called them out. Don't laugh at my drawings..I know they are superb.
I love these of Noah...
Time to Kick back and relax in the little pool!
Meet the Belly..
Picnic lunch...not K related...just thought it would be fun!
Awhile later, we made our Kangaroo...
We hadn't done a scavenger hunt in a couple of days (I and J were challenging!) and Myla really wanted to so we were able to find a few things. We didn't have a whole lot but Myla wanted to draw a kite on her easel so we could "find" that.
Also found kittens in books, kitchen in the dollhouse and keys!
Lastly, aunt Kimmy just happened to stop by to complete our last K activity for the day...Kisses from Aunt Kimmy!!

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