Thursday, June 20, 2013

H is for HOT, house, hopscotch, hugs and a letter Hunt!

I took Myla and Olivia to VBS this morning and ran errands after dropping Noah off at Daddy's school. It was super HOT but I am afraid this is nothing compared to how hot it will be the rest of the summer. We began our H day by making a House. (Her idea, I wanted to try for the Horse to stick with the animal theme of her letter crafts, but she was excited) I also wanted to give her props for knowing the right letter for House.
Kinda looks like her house is on fire but still super cute. It's as if I had forgotten about how hot it was ouside when I suggested we go out for Hopscotch! It was a quick game but still a good time.
Ha ha!! It's a little hard to tell in the pics but I wrote the letters on the spaces and had her hop to the right one.
Then we got some random things and I had her place them on the letters they started with. She did pretty good with this and mainly I think she had memorized some of the items from her scavenger hunt so that helped.
Hugs after eating our popsicles
After dance (hence the outfit) we did our last activity, a Hunt! I put clothespins labeling items in her room for her to hunt for.
Then when she found one she would have to match the beginning letter of the word to one of her letter crafts and pin it on the right page.
And she's off!
She would squeal every time she got them right.
Noah trying to help...
WAY TO GO MYLA!! (Funny thing is, I totally forgot about the letter "G" and didn't have any G things. We will definitely be doing this again. She loved it! I have a video but it was too long to post. I may edit it and post later! Bedtime for me. Oh, and I guess H is for the Heat since they just won game 7. ;)

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