Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time for an update

It has been challenging to find the time to update this regularly these days. With work, busy weekends, chasing after Myla, and only having her nap times to get things done around the house...there is just not enough hours in the day. But I do have a few moments now while the little angel is sleeping to update the latest with the MeGown family.

We celebrated my birthday, which was March 25, by making it a weekend-long event.Really, I'm not big on celebrating my birthday but it was fun to spend the time with family, friends, and my students! On my actual day, I got to share my b-day celebration with one of my students who was turning 8. His mom had decorated a sign to hang in front of our classroom and also brought in a cookie cake for the class. It was a fun day!

The next night, the family all went to eat at Blue Goose. Myla loved the excitement and wanted to walk around to everyone's table. Jeff was in charge of pictures so this is all we got. :)

Kimmy made the delicious cake! Yes, there really are 31 candles on there.

Myla with Granny and me just looking silly.

Then on Saturday night, it was time to celebrate with some friends. Mom watched Myla while Jeff and I met up with Andrea & Kevin and Jessica & Dylan. We went to dinner at Uncle Julio's in Fort Worth (yes, I LOVE mexican food and could eat it every night of the week) and then over to The Pour House where they had an entertaining live band. It was pretty fun for us married with kids moms to be hanging out with each other. It wasn't much of a late night but we still made it fun!

We had a fun-filled and busy Easter! We went to church and had Myla in the nursery for the first time. She was not a fan but did pretty well considering it was the first time she was left with someone other than family. We just need to get her going more often so she gets used to it!
After church we headed out to McKinney to spend part of the day with Jeff's parents. We enjoyed a great lunch and visit with Granny and Poppa and their new covered patio room.

Myla in her Easter dress

Just chilling with Daddy

Having fun at Granny and Poppa's

We then drove back to Highland Village to spend some time with Mom, Aunt Dee, Kimberly, Clay and Olivia. Mom had set up a mini Easter egg hunt and had prepared the girls' Easter baskets. They had a great time!

Our little sweet pea turned 1 on April 7th! It is amazing and so hard to believe that it has been a year. Our life changed a year ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to us. She is God's precious gift that brings us so much joy!

I just could not imagine being at school on Myla's birthday so I took the day off! (Kimberly was my sub, which was so great leaving my kids in good hands!) Mom wanted to treat me and Myla to the zoo as part of her b-day present to Myla. We loaded up the car and made it to the zoo before they opened the gates. Myla absolutely loved looking at all the animals we pointed out. She was especially fond of the monkeys. We had her making monkey sounds most of the day. She also found the snakes pretty fascinating too and loved to make the hissing sounds. Here are a few pics from the day!

We had her party on that next Saturday. We had the party room reserved at Fuddrucker's in Grapevine. Overall, it was a fun little party. Myla enjoyed her guests and the attention. She wasn't crazy for the cake although it was fun to lick some of the icing!

Poor girl fell the day before and got a scratch by her eye. Figures it would happen before her big party. ;)

Well, that pretty much sums up the highlights. Next week, we will have Myla's professional 1 year pics taken. Hoping for beautiful picture-taking weather and a bruise and scratch-free baby!!