Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Call us crazy...


Friday night we are driving 17 hours to Colorado with our 2 year old and 2 month old in tow. CRAZY, right? This is our chance for a summer vacation and more importantly time we can spend time with my dad and Cindy. It will be well worth the long drive once we get there I'm sure!

We plan to leave Friday late evening, after Noah's last feeding around 10ish and drive all night. Our hope is that the babies will sleep most of the way during the night. We pray we won't deal with constant screaming but we will be realistic in thinking this is not ideal when kids this young are concerned. But for now, it has to work. Jeff refuses to fly with two kids as he thinks that will be worse than driving. Hmmm...we shall see. It's going to be an adventure!!

To be continued once we arrive in CO!!

Better late than never...

So I really thought that during the summer I would be able to post all our happenings on here more often but I guess I was wrong.;) The two little ones have kept me busy.

This is all old news but better late than never, right?

Father's Day-
This year, Jeff didn't want me to make any special plans (His dad was out of town and my dad lives out of town). He simply wanted to stay at home, fix his sprinkler that broke, do some yard work, have chili cheese dogs for dinner, and hang with the kiddos. And that is exactly what we did. Here are a few pics from the day...

Myla basking in the sunshine as Daddy works in the yard.

Opening his Father's day cards...

Daddy and Noah

Happy Father's Day Dad! (Did you notice Noah's middle finger?)

Zoo Trip with Cousins

Last week we went to the Fort Worth Zoo with some of Jeff's cousins & kids and had a great time. We did not take Noah with us as we knew it would be way too hot! So glad he could stay with Aunt Ann while we took Myla. She loved every minute. Here are a few pics...

She was loving the daddy-daughter time!

Jeff is having a great time so far!!

Checking out the baby monkey!

So cute!

Poor Myla was running too fast when she slipped and fell! (she was ok!)

Mommy and Myla

Exploring with cousin Nathan

Leaving the zoo after a long fun day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tribute to Jersey

We learned a month ago that Jersey had liver cancer. The vet only gave her a couple of months as the tumor was pretty large. When I left the vet that day, I was in disbelief since Jersey still seemed fine. But it seemed as each day passed her condition got worse and worse. The vet did give us some cortisteroids to help give her more energy and amp up her appetite since she wasn't eating well. For awhile they seemed to be working but once we were out of pills, it was clear that it was her time. I prayed that we would really know when to bring her in because it would be so hard to make that call. Well, it was easy to decide it was her time since she had been vomiting daily and finally couldn't even stand on her own. On her last day she laid in the same spot for almost 24 hours. It was pretty heartbreaking.

I'm not going to blog about taking her in and our final moments with her but I do want to share a few Jersey memories with this little video I made. She has been with us for as long as Jeff and I have been together. We realized we got Jersey exactly 8 years ago this Father's Day weekend. Crazy!

She will definitely be missed and we will think of her all the time, especially during a thunderstorm as she loved to seek shelter in our bathtub!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back to church!

We decided to go back to church this week since we haven't been since before Noah was born. Mom works in the nursery so we felt comfortable letting Noah be in there this early. We didn't take Myla to church until she was a lot older, old enough to know that we were leaving her there. We were called out of the service 3 weeks in a row because Myla would scream and cry. We went regularly enough for awhile that she got used to it and did fine. Now that she is 2, they moved her to the 2 year old room. Going back today, I was a little apprehensive how Myla would do with the new room, especially since we had not been in a couple of months. Well, let's just say Noah did GREAT but Myla, not so much. About 45 minutes into the service we get called out. Her poor face was swollen from crying so hard. We will just have to keep going more often so she gets used it it again. With all that said, we think it's going to be a good thing to get Noah started this early. :)

Here are some pics of us after we got home from church...

NOW she's happy...

Our little stud...

Noah with Mommy...

and Daddy

We could not get over how big Myla looks next to Noah!!

Love these babies!

Summer has begun!

On Friday, Kimberly, Mom and I took the kiddos to the little splash park in Flower Mound for a lunch picnic and play time! I had no idea this was here. There was a nice shaded area great for supervising the little ones as they played in the fountains. Here are a few pics...

Checking it out...

She could not wait to get to the water...

All wet, tired and ready for a nap!

After playing for awhile, mom got us all ice cream. The girls had a great time, while the boys (really just Elijah) slept on the blanket.I'm sure we will be back many times over the summer.

Operation Slimdown!

At least that is what I'm calling it. I have 9lbs to lose to get back to pre-baby weight. I have always heard how much harder it is to lose the weight after the 2nd baby but I somehow thought I would be an exception.??? When I left the hospital after having Myla I only had 6 lbs to lose. I went on the South Beach diet and did a little Hip Hop Abs and lost 10 lbs pretty quickly. Can't remember how quickly but quick enough that I didn't have to go buy new clothes. Now I am holding on to these last 9lbs and am having trouble finding clothes to fit. Maternity is too big and my regular clothes are just tight enough to not work. Frustrating.'s Operation Slimdown time! It's bathing suit season and well, don't feel like being in one anytime soon! I really don't have a good plan yet but as of now I plan to get up early and take Noah for a good walk in the stroller (while Jeff stays home with Myla-as they both sleep in until 8 or 8:30).Then Myla is really fond of dancing to her Just Dance Kids on the Wii so I now plan to fully participate! Imagine if I could get my exercise soley from a video game?!! Hilarious. I am also cutting out all carbonated drinks and will drink tons of water. Besides watching what I eat, that's really all I've got. We'll see how it works. ;)

Friday, June 3, 2011

1 month...already?!

Noah is one month old! Time has gone by too fast...I can hardly believe it. We took him to his 1 month well check yesterday and he is doing great. He is up to 9lbs 7oz and gaining like a champ. Funny how his height was 21 inches at the appt. and 21.5 at birth. The doctor assures me he is not shrinking but the nurse just measured him wrong. ;)

Here are his 1 month pics...

Stay tuned to watch Noah grow!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello, Baby Acne...

It's here! The dreaded baby acne that takes over that sweet face, and comes and goes for about a month or two. I do remember Myla having a little case of it but poor Noah seems to be worse. Looks much worse in person...I realize he doesn't look all that bad in the picture. Just take my word for it. ;) I plan to take his 1 month picture tomorrow since I didn't get around to it today.Maybe it will clear up by then?!

"Playdate" with the Harigs

Last Sunday we invited Jessica, Dylan, Tatum and Baby Druz over for a little cook out and Wii dance party. ;) It was a great playdate for both Myla & Tatum...

Baby Noah and Baby Druz...

AND the adults, Jeff and Dylan.

Jes and I had a great time catching up too, discussing the craziness, as well as the joy of having two little ones now. (Didn't get any pics of us two though. The guys were having way too much fun to stop and take our picture ;)

We all laughed about how our lives have changed a bit with the second baby. We would have never played a loud Wii game while our first born was trying to nap! Nor would we let them cry for too long before rushing over to them to re-swaddle, shush, or sway. Definitely a little more laid back these days!

As always, we had a great time and hope to be hanging out again soon. The girls played so well together and Myla has been asking about Tatum ever since. :)

Little Crabby

I found this shirt in a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and found it perfectly fitting to describe Noah's attitude in the evenings!