Sunday, February 16, 2014

You COLOR my world!

Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone, I thought I would share our fun craftivity-Melted crayon hearts! This is what M passed out to her friends at preschool. :)

We actually made these last year too but it was way more fun this time around since M could help more. 

The first thing we did was round up all of her old crayons. We had quite a bit, probably at least 3 boxes worth around the house. 

Next we peeled off the wrappers, but not before soaking them in warm water for about 15 minutes first. We found that the actual Crayola brand was easier to peel off than the CraZart or Rose Art brands.  This was a great fine motor activity for M!

Next, we broke apart the crayons and spread the different colors around to put in our heart-shaped liners. I think I got these at Michaels last year on clearance!

M was very particular about making sure there was a lot of different colors in each one. I've seen some where they put different shades of the same color in each one but we wanted to mix them. We left out black, grey, brown and tan (or as M called colors).

Then we baked in the oven at 250 degrees for about 25 minutes. Once time was up we took out of oven carefully and had to let it cool for at least 15 minutes. They will be a liquid form until it cools so really be sure to let it cool completely. 

They really turned out so cute. We applied extra large glue dots to the backs of the crayons to stick to the card.

You can get the FREE printable HERE. 

Now as cute as these are, they don't give off the best coloring results. They are definitely fun to scribble with though! Daddy already bought M a 64 count crayon box WITH a sharpener in the back. Not sure who was more excited about the sharpener but I would say Daddy. ;)