Sunday, February 28, 2010

Guess who's walking!

Myla has been cruising for awhile by holding onto the coffee table, chairs, couch, whatever. But she has now decided to expand her horizons. Once she is standing and holding onto something, she will let go and take 3 or 4 little steps. Then she falls. She's a real good sport about it. I keep thinking that she is going to cry like crazy after the 20th face plant into the carpet. But she's a tough one and has a few bumps and bruises to prove it! There have been a few times when she will stand on her own and take a few steps. So cute. I really haven't encouraged her to walk this early and am not sure if I'm ready to be chasing her around. Oh well...let the fun begin!

Friday, February 12, 2010


Yesterday it snowed over 8 inches and we certainly took advantage of it! Jeff made an awesome snowman while Myla and I watched. Actually Myla pointed and giggled a lot. Fun times. :)

Ready to play!

Before the snowman...

Sitting in the car, watching Daddy build the snowman.

Almost ready...


Myla says "Way to go, Dad!"

She was loving the snow so much we just had to sit her in it.

Later that night...a view from the back porch.

Jersey was almost lost in the winter wonderland backyard.

So sad that the snow is melting already but it's been great to have the time off to enjoy it!! Thank you Snow for a wonderful 5-day weekend!!

Finding new "toys"

So our little one has decided that her toys are no fun anymore and wants to play with things she shouldn't. These pics and videos were all taken within 15 minutes. She is quite the busy bee.

Playing under the dining room table...

Playing with the door stopper...

Playing with the kitchen chair...

Playing with one of Jersey's toys...

What will she get into next?

Oh, almost forgot one from the other day...

We are convinced Myla has an imaginary friend since she is constantly looking around at what we think is absolutely nothing and "communicating". This is just a little sample of what we've seen of her new obsession.The video is a bit blurry but you can still get the idea. ;)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lots to update!

This past month has been a whirlwind. So much going on so I thought I would share the highlights... and lowlights.

Myla had her first fever and cold a couple of weeks ago. She had a low grade fever for a few days with cough, congestion, runny nose etc. Just a cold which is good. She was extra cuddly so she spent her naps sleeping on us. It was heaven. Now she is feeling better although she still has a cough that is lingering and it sounds like she is having some chest congestion. Hoping it doesn't stick around too long.

Jeff's basketball team is doing great! They did lose to their rival,Marcus,last week but have won their past 2 games which make them 23-5 so far. They are guarenteed a spot in the playoffs which start soon. Still have a couple more games left in the season!
Last Friday night, it was Pack the Gym/McAuliffe Night at the Marcus game and one of my students sang the National Anthem. It was great hearing Savannah sing and seeing the kids. Here are a few pics from the night.

Big news...last week Myla took her first steps without support. She holds on to the coffee table, lets go, and walk 2-3 little steps before she falls. I have yet to get it on video but will soon. Didn't she just start crawling?!

(This dress was mine when I was about a year old. So funny... the bloomers underneath are plastic!)

Also this month...Myla is now 10 months old! It is getting more and more difficult to get Myla to pose for her monthly pics. We tried our best but here's what we captured...

Not happy!

Smiling through the tears...

Daddy snapped this one later on in the day!

We tried again that night...

Couldn't sit still...imagine that!

But it's more fun to eat the sign!

Oh well, better luck next month. ;)

We are home today because of the SNOW! We plan to get out and build a snowman later so stay tuned for pics!