Wednesday, August 15, 2012

June 2012

IT'S SUMMER TIME!!!!! This definitely captures my enthusiasm and what a fantastic month June was. Not only having the time off to be with my family, but this month marked the beginning of something very exciting for me....AdvoCare. AdvoCare is a world class health and wellness company, founded here in TX. It has been around going on 20 year and is now claiming to be the fastest growing direct sales company in the nation. Pretty impressive. Here's my story: After using some of the products in January and May of this year to help lose my baby weight, increase my energy, I became a believer and decided to join AdvoCare as a distributor. Honestly, I signed up at first just for the immediate 20% discount because I knew I would be taking theses products for life. It wasn't until I saw a Webinar about what this company could do for my family! I learned that I could be an Advisor and earn income 5 different ways. I learned that there are many normal people (teachers, coaches, firefighters) just like me who are doing so well with their business that they stay home with their children because AdvoCare pays them a full time income, working part time. I certainly saw the vision for my family and quickly asked my friends Matt and Leslie how I could get to Advisor. I made Advisor in less than six weeks by selling $3000 worth of product. I now have a 40% discount for life. I'm in love with the products as I have never felt better! I am happy to have the opportunity to share with my friends and family as well as build a business! More on my website.
Some pics of JUNE... At the shops, playing in the fountains...
Red White and Blue Festival...
Jide's Birthday Bash... The girls...
The guys...
Such a fun day...
This was actually Jeff's little outfit! Barely fits our big guy!
Ice cream date...just because!
Lunch Date with Family at Ali Baba's!!
and the last set of pics are big-time! FIRST HAIRCUTS for both kids! Noah's BEFORE pic...
Myla's BEFORE pic...
He was such a good boy.
Myla is not too sure about this!
She was really good too!
Such a big girl now. :)
So, funny thing is...when we got home we really didn't like the way Noah's hair looked. Jeff said it was "too fluffy" and needed to be more "cool-looking". So, I took him back the next day and got it cut again. SO much better now!
I got my hair cut too on the same day. :)
More to come but it looks like I have to wait until next nap time. ;)

May 2012

Ok, slowly but surely I am going to get this blog updated before I go back to work next week!!

Let's travel back in time to MAY! Our big guy turned 1 on May 2nd and we celebrated with a party at the house. We served fajitas and cupcakes and had a blast. Here are a few pics....
Mother's Day This year we celebrated with both of our moms at our house after church. Jeff grilled an amazing dinner which we all enjoyed. Nothing exciting happened, I don't think.... :)I am just so incredibly blessed to have such a great mom, stepmom, and mother-in-law! Love them each dearly. There are no words to describe the love I have for my own kids....I love them so much and feel blessed to be their mom!
I think that's a wrap for MAY!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

April 2012

April was a busy month with Myla's 3rd birthday party and Easter. We had Myla's party at one of her favorite places..Kids Kastle. She LOVES to be outside and so this was a perfect spot. We had a great turnout and everything went very well. It was fun to see some old friends too. Most importantly, Myla loved every second of it. Here are a few pics...
EASTER was the very next day. We had a pretty relaxing day, going to church and then back to our house for the indoor Easter Egg Hunt since it rained!