Friday, May 27, 2011


It seems like that is the perfect word for our lives right now. Adjusting. I definitely don't mean that negatively at all. We are getting into our daily routine of feeding and napping schedules. I have figured out a great plan on the days when we are home. If I wake up and feed Noah at 7am, that gives me enough time before Myla wakes up around 8am. Then I'm able to fix Myla breakfast and play with her one on one (which she so needs right now) while the little guy naps. Then by the time I've finished with the second feeding for Noah, I can go run errands if needed before Myla's lunch and nap time.I have learned that I'm not a fan of sitting around the house all day even though it can be such a pain to get both kids in car seats then in and out of the car. I have to say that I do feel like Super-Mom when our outings are successful. :) The best part of the plan is having both of them napping at the same time, from 2-4pm. It's amazing how much I look forward to that time so I can get a few things done around the house. I feel bad for saying that because I LOVE spending time with my kiddos but it is great to have that break for some me-time. :)

The evenings are a little different. FUSSY TIME is upon us, I'm afraid. After Noah's 7pm feeding, he has been a cranky mess the past few days. He wants to eat all night long so he's acting hungry but sometimes I think he is just gassy. I know that most babies get like this during this time of the day but it sure is hectic since Myla can get cranky too. SO we are adjusting to the fussy time of the day and finding out what works for a little bit (change of scenery, going outside, rocking and swaying, bouncing, etc.) Kinda feel like I get a little workout during this time of the night. :) After about 11pm or 12, Noah has given up on whatever is wrong with him and passes out. He has been sleeping pretty good at night waking for one feeding around 2 or 3. I try and hold him off until 7am so we are only getting up once. Again, we are adjusting and a bit sleep-deprived even still. I know, as my mom always says, this too shall pass.

Here is my cranky little man during his fussy time...

He is still a cutie, though! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I'm back!

Considering it has been nearly 4 months since I last updated, I figured it was time and I have just about 30 minutes of a nap time left to get it done. Lots of changes these past few months so I will try to recap the highlights. It has certainly been crazy and exciting. We moved into our new house over Spring Break. It was so nice having the whole week off to move and get settled in. Of course, we are still settling in even 2 months later but it will just take time to get everything situated. We absolutely love our new home and feel so blessed to live here and have all this space to grow in. I don't have any pics of the outside of the house other than the one I posted last. Here are a few of the inside...

ve actually done so much more to the house than what these pics show. These were taken the morning of our Sprinkle (to be discussed next!)

Just 2 weeks after moving in, my friend Chelsea hosted a baby shower (actually the correct term is a "Sprinkle") at our house for me and Noah. It was wonderful seeing everyone and getting a few of the necessities for Baby Noah.

NOAH MICHAEL MEGOWN is here! Born May 2, 2011 at 7:49pm. He's a big boy weighing in at 8lbs 9oz and 21.5 inches long. My doctor and I decided to induce just 2 days before my due date, mainly because baby and I were both ready. Noah was measuring a bit larger and I was more than ready to begin my maternity leave since we just get six weeks leave. Just so happens that there was just six weeks left of school. Perfect! I have the whole summer with my baby boy & little girl and I am so grateful! So after 9 hours of labor, Noah finally made his grand appearance. It was a pretty rough delivery. He wasn't in the ideal position but the contractions kept pushing him further into the birth canal. His heart rate dropped a bit so my dr had to use forceps to guide him out. I kept saying he was just being stubborn but it turns out he was not quite ready to come out on his own. He is an absolute angel and we are adjusting to life at home with 2 kids! Myla absolutely adores her little brother and is actually quite obsessed. She wants to hold "Baby Noah" all the time and loves helping mommy get his diapers and wipes. She is such a great big sister already. We are so in love with our little family. Here are a few pics...many more on FaceBook. Explaining to Myla that Noah is different than her dolls. :)

Now for some drama...The evening we got home from the hospital, we were home just a couple of hours when we had to rush to the ER with Myla. Little MacGyver as we call her sometimes, got into my sister's purse and into a bottle of hydrocodone pills. All I know is that she was out of our sight for just a minute when we heard her gag and say "yucky!" I got up to check on her and she was sitting at the kitchen table with the empty (well one pill remained) pill bottle in her hand. She was also wiping her face and tongue continuing to say "yucky". Frantically I asked her is she ate what was inside the bottle and she just smiled and said "uh-huh" matter of factly. I freak out, Kim calls her paramedic husband, I call 911, then poison control, then Jeff who was at the grocery store. It was crazy, as if in a movie. Before I knew it an ambulance was here as well as 2 police cars and firetruck. During the chaos Myla was acting fine, so calm and collected. I was trying to be myself but just too freaked out by the unknown to be calm. Kim remembered that there were about 5 pills in the bottle. One was still in there and there was one we found on the floor leaving 3 missing or in Myla's tummy. Long story short, after talking to Poison control, we refused ambulance service to the hospital and took her ourselves. (Did not want to pay the thousands of dollars for the ambulance, thank you very much) On our way Myla said a couple of times that her tummy hurt. :( We could not get there fast enough. My dad was still in town and so he drove us there with Noah in tow and then Jeff met us there. Kim called to tell me the paramedic found 1 pill and then she had found another. So that just leaves 1 that Myla could have eaten. Better than 3 but still didn't know how it would affect her. Luckily, the doctors assured us that the worst case would be Myla acting delirious and lethargic, possibly some vomiting. They had her drink this activated charcoal mixture and Myla complied in exchange for a popsicle. Here is a video that captures her pure delirium. :)Kinda long, but pretty funny.

Lastly and sadly, we learned yesterday that our sweet golden retriever, Jersey, has liver cancer. The vet has given her just a couple of months. She has a tumor the size of a grapefruit on her liver. :( We took her in since she hadn't been eating regularly and has lost some weight. We feel so bad that we have been so caught up with moving in the house, and baby stuff to take her to the vet. The vet, however, assured me that if we had brought her in sooner it would not change the outcome. She has been a very healthy dog up until now. Apparently she is not in any pain so we are grateful for that. We love her so much and will treasure every moment we have left with her. She has been the best dog!


It seems like I've probably left some important stuff out but maybe I will have more time to update regularly now that I'm home and with the summer around the corner. Here's hoping, anyway!