Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break in Steamboat

We went to visit Dad and Cindy for Spring break this year in Steamboat. Our friends, Jessica and Dylan, and their little girl, Tatum, came with us. We had such a great time! When we arrived Monday afternoon, we went straight to the house to relax from the day of traveling. It's amazing how worn out you can be after traveling half the day on 2 flights with a 2 hour layover in between, with 2 babies. Myla did ok on the plane. She was a little antsy to get down and explore the plane, as I knew she would be. I was prepared for that but it didn't make it any easier. ;) Here is our little busy bee once we got to Dad's...

The next day, Dad and Cindy watched the girls while we all went skiing. It was Jeff's first time to ski and I have to say that after falling off the lift (when getting off, nothing too scary) and 4 wipeouts later, he actually got the hang of it pretty well! After the first run down the mountain he was ready to go again. Here are a few pics from the day...
Getting ready to hit the slopes!

Right before Jeff fell while getting off the lift.

This is a pic of Jeff ignoring my instruction to snowplow!

Way to go, babe!

After a few runs, the guys were done so Jes and I went up the mountain one more time. Here is a pic of the guys when we returned.

Such a fun day!

Wednesday was St. Patrick's day. We stayed around the house, played in the snow and even went on a little snowshoeing adventure. The guys however did not have the luxury of wearing the snowshoes, so their experience was a little different. Jes and I were walking on top of the snow with ease while the boys were up to their waist in snow! What we thought would be a quick walk turned into a 2 hour expedition for the boys. After the trek, the guys soon found the hot tub, then steam shower, to relax their aching bodies. ;)

More pics from the day...

Myla was not a big fan of the snow today.

Thursday was our last full day there so we decided to take Jes and Dylan downtown to have some lunch and go shopping. Here are a few pics.

I would have to say one of the highlights of the trip was going out to dinner that night at this great mexican food restaurant. As an early celebration for my b-day, Dad had apparently told the wait staff that it was my special day. I was surprised by a gigantic sombrero and a very energetic serenade. The next thing we knew, sombreros were being passed around, babies were screaming in utter confusion and chaos, and the whole restaurant was having a great time. So fun!

Unfortunately, my internet connection is soo slow and I'm having trouble uploading pics. (I started this blog 3 days ago and my patience is wearing thin after waiting 15 minutes to upload 1 picture!) So...more pics on facebook.

We always have a blast with Dad and Cindy and are very thankful to have spent the time with them.