Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Tribute to Jersey

We learned a month ago that Jersey had liver cancer. The vet only gave her a couple of months as the tumor was pretty large. When I left the vet that day, I was in disbelief since Jersey still seemed fine. But it seemed as each day passed her condition got worse and worse. The vet did give us some cortisteroids to help give her more energy and amp up her appetite since she wasn't eating well. For awhile they seemed to be working but once we were out of pills, it was clear that it was her time. I prayed that we would really know when to bring her in because it would be so hard to make that call. Well, it was easy to decide it was her time since she had been vomiting daily and finally couldn't even stand on her own. On her last day she laid in the same spot for almost 24 hours. It was pretty heartbreaking.

I'm not going to blog about taking her in and our final moments with her but I do want to share a few Jersey memories with this little video I made. She has been with us for as long as Jeff and I have been together. We realized we got Jersey exactly 8 years ago this Father's Day weekend. Crazy!

She will definitely be missed and we will think of her all the time, especially during a thunderstorm as she loved to seek shelter in our bathtub!

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