Thursday, June 27, 2013

M day that was not so much an M day!

We ended up going to the lake yesterday which didn't have a lot to do with M day but we pulled in a few things. She already knows her Ms and how to write them so that was good. Here she is circling her M on her placemat.
Then she got really excited when I told her she could write on our glass kitchen table with her dry erase marker and practice writing her Ms. She looked at me and said, "WHAT?!" I did have to be clear with Noah that these were special markers and that he could not use any other kind. I caught him later in the day with a sharpie in hand so little good that did!
When we were at the lake, Myla spotted an M on the marina sign.

Myla and Mommy at the Marina
Found an M!

Myla at the Marina!

After a 3 hour nap and dinner, we made her mouse craft...But I wasn't quite ready yet so I had an extra pipe cleaner and challenged her to try and make an M out of it. She gave it a good try!

Making her mouse craft...

 The whiskers fell off right as I was snapping this picture but you get the idea. :)

And lastly, she proudly wrote her Ms on her ABC strip.

The best part of doing these daily activities is her level of engagement. It's the first thing she asks about when she wakes up and is so happy to be "playing with Mommy." I love that she sees it as playing. However, today, we took the day off (really, mommy took the day off!) She was so disappointed that we were not doing a letter today or some activities. I found her before bed sitting at the table saying she was going to make up her own activities. Love her determination..hope she never loses that. 

In other news, it really was a busy day. I took Myla to the eye doctor finally (she didn't pass her vision screening at her 4 year well check back in April) and discovered that she is farsighted and will need some "reading" glasses to wear for times when she's looking at a book, iPad, computer etc. I think she will be a cutie in glasses and I'm excited to go pick out her frames tomorrow! NOT excited about the expense it will cost us. :(

Tomorrow is N day and we have a few fun things planned. The best is going to be a surprise phone call from her Nona to read her a bedtime story! She will be thrilled!

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