Saturday, June 22, 2013

Incredible "I" day

Yesterday was Myla's last day of VBS so we went to watch her sing the songs she had learned all week. She was so cute and so happy, just bouncing around the stage as she was singing. We had a fun family day as the four of us went out to eat at El Chico afterwards. No pics to document the fun but it had been awhile, with Jeff working basketball camp last week, where the four of us hung out for the day. Once little man was down for nap, Myla and I started on our Letter I activities. I did not have materials prepared so while I did that, Myla watched the Letter I video on the app. If you don't have this yet, you should get it! It introduces the letters with catchy music videos and lists words with the letter
We made an Iguana for our letter craft.
The next activity was completely thrown together last minute...We got out the little kiddie pool from the backyward and made it into an island. It was either that or an igloo, but the island sounded like more fun.
Myla made a boat she made herself(on the red paper which is hard to see) and sailed to the "Island of Is". It was there she discovered a treasure chest full of incredible letters (white basket). She had to choose only the letter Is from the treasure chest to stay on the island and all other letters must go to a different island.
She found all the letter Is pretty quickly and then she said, "Ok, mom, now it's your turn!" It makes it so much more fun when she is so enthusiastic about our learning games. Then to tranisition into our next thing, I had Myla think of one thing that she would want to take with her to her deserted island. The first thing she said was "All my letters!!" But I asked her to keep thinking and I led her to think of something that started with an "I" and was cold and good to eat when it's hot outside and then she yelled "ICE CREAM!"
So we went to go get ice cream...actually it was frozen yogurt but it's all the same to a 4 year old!
One happy little girl!

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