Thursday, June 27, 2013

L is for library, lions and laughter!

We started off our L day with L-shaped waffles. It was an easy letter to do this with and I'm glad I thought of it on this day. :) It's funny how just changing the shape can make breakfast so much fun.
Myla circling the "l" in her name.
Soon after breakfast I told Myla we would be going to the Library. She was pretty pleased and ready to go.
We first had to mail off our Letter we wrote to Jido on J day...
Walking in to one of her favorite places...
We were on a mission...looking for "L"s on books.
I had already told Myla that we would be making a lion later so she was determined to find some lion books.
Giving her best ROAR (it was a little loud for library manners but, hey, we were having a learning experience)
A few other pics from the library
After the library we had to hurry to pick up Jeff to meet his parents for lunch at Red Robin. While we were there, Jeff thought it would be funny to get Noah a mustache from one of those machines. I think it's a good look for him. ;)
Awhile later we were back at the house and did her L scavenger hunt except this time I hid the L items and had her look for them. Trying to change it up a little bit even though she loves the scavenger hunt version.
We found lollipop, lion, ladybug, lightbulbs, little lamp and laundry basket! We also labeled her Light switch and the laundry room downstairs. Making her lion...>
Turned out pretty cute :)
And lastly, finding the L on the refrigerator.
We did do a lot of laughing too so we will throw that in there as another L activity.

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