Sunday, June 30, 2013

O, glorious day!

O day was yesterday and was O so much fun. Started off the day with Cheerios for breakfast, of course.

Our original plan for the day was to go swipe Cousin Olivia so she could join in on the O activities since she was an expert on the letter, but she already had plans for the whole day. Sooo, we took a little drive to the turtle pond so we could be Outside.

O is for outside

Some other pics from the pond...

It was sooooo hot so we didn't stay very long.

Then we hopped in the car to go get a drink at Sonic. We decided to get some Orange cream slushes and onion rings, in honor of O day. It's always good to have an excuse for onion rings!

 Myla in the O!

We played a few games of tic-tac-toe. Myla was the Os and she beat me every time.

Headed inside to finish off the orange cream slushes...Oh, what a mess!

While we were out, Myla kept noticing all the Os she saw in the signs around town. I just happened to have my camera so I snapped some pictures of the signs we found with Os. Then it sparked a neat project idea....We printed off the signs, Myla highlighted the Os and we glued them on her purple O from earlier to make an O collage. 

Myla immediately wanted to start on the next activity so we made our Owl craft.

And finally, writing her Os on her ABC strip.

Shortly after this last pic, it was time to go get her glasses! She was so excited! 

Our very own little Bernice!
Or her as her Nona says, She looks "outrageously outstanding!"

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