Saturday, June 22, 2013

Busy "J" day

Today was a very busy day but we still managed to sneak in some learning activities. Jeff's parents had the kids overnight so we could have a date night. We are so blessed to have them so close. This morning Jeff and I got to sleep in a little (so nice!) and then we got up, went to Lowe's to buy our new kitchen sink, faucet and lighting fixture. I had been saving up for awhile and it was time to replace the gross stainless steel sink. Anyway, it took Jeff nearly the whole day to get it installed but he did it all by himself and I am so proud of him! Here is a pic!
Now all my appliances match my sink. So happy :) Anyway, while Jeff was getting the sink installed, Myla and I had a little fun decorating the box the sink came in and turning it into a Jumbo Jet! She seriously played in this all day long!
Granny stopped by and took our picture...we were flying to the Jungle.
On our journey to the jungle we spotted some Jaguars, so we decided to make one...
Then it was time for a "J" snack so jello was perfect! Hardest part was waiting 4 hours for it to set.
So it was time for Myla's rest time (it seems nap time is a thing of the past) so what a perfect spot to rest!
About an hour later, this is where I found her!(except the box was completely closed.)
Awhile later, we were brainstorming people we knew that started with letter J. Of course, we thought of Jeffrey, Jeff, Jesus, and then she shouted "Jido! Let's write a letter to Jido!" So we did. Jido is my dad's grandfather name. It is Arabic for grandfather.
After dinner we enjoyed our Jello!

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