Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's SUMMER time!

So maybe that means I will have more time to blog?! I do plan on documenting the summer but can't make any promises. But I will start! However, I am just 3 days into the summer and already feeling quite productive. I've started on a few projects around the house, organized some areas that really needed organizing, and tomorrow Myla and I will start our Letter of the Day!! I haven't been able to work with Myla very much on her letters and her preschool last year didn't do a whole lot. She is super interested in letters write now pointing out those she recognizes and finding her "name" everywhere she sees a "M", "Y", "L", or an "A". So with her being out for the summer as well, I figured this would be the perfect time to intro and review the ABCs. I will try and remember that Summer for a teacher should be relaxing and not filled with too many projects since we are OVERWHELMED with numerous projects during the school year. But I have quickly learned that being productive makes me happy! I am not happy when I am sitting around for too long. The thought of having the time to do things around the house, clean the way I want to clean, actually cook a good meal, spend quality time with my kids...makes me giddy!! I. love. summer.

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