Sunday, June 16, 2013

E for Effort

Yesterday was "E" day and since I didn't have a clue on what activities we were doing until the morning of, I'm giving myself an "E" for effort. Started off with our Eggs and Eggo waffles for breakfast. That was Easy.
As I was cleaning up from breakfast, I had glanced at a few unpaid bills and thought of "envelope!" And that is where the envelope sorting idea came about. I had some extra envelopes and a perfect size poster board that I made into an envelope sorting station. I wrote the letters we have learned so far on the outside and then cut letters out of magazines and junk mail.
I thought this would be good to review the letters she has learned so far. She loved it!! I am now wishing I didn't use marker to label the envelopes because now I can't use them for other letters later. Oh well. E for Effort.
Then I decided to make it a little more challenging by cutting out pictures of things that started with those letters. I knew it would be tough since she is still not 100% on the sounds yet but thought we would just sort one in each envelope today and save the rest for later. She did suprisingly well though after I helped her sound out and said the sounds by each envelope until she found the right one.
After the envelope sorting, I remembered we actually had an ongoing experiement that we started on the last day of school when I got a white carnation from one of my students. We had put it in water and added green food coloring. It took about 3 days but by then we noticed the white turning green. So we thought today was the perfect day to talk about the Experiement results! We had already been talking about how this happened so today she was able to verbalize that "the stem carried the green all the way up to the flower and made it all green!"
Then we made our Elephant!
And right before nap time we squeezed in our E scavenger hunt. Here is what we found....eggs, elephant, Elefun game, easel and eraser!
My other last minute idea was to do some exercise cards (Do 10 jumping jacks etc) but we just ran out of time. I'll remember that for next time. Again, E for effort. Hoping she is learning something. We sure are having fun!

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