Friday, June 14, 2013


So, D is for dinosaurs, decorating, digging, detective-hunting (totally made that word up) and dancing! We started off our morning, at breakfast, finding the "C" stickers to put on our paper towel tube, since we forgot yesterday. I reminded her about the letter for today and we reviewed. Then she was able to find her "D" stickers. :)
Almost immediately after breakfast she was ready to start our next activity. And that would be our dinosaur craft...turned out pretty cute! We just used green construction paper for the D and I also had the light green foam paper. She thought it was fun to color the background.
Once we were done with our dinosaur I went off to tend to Noah who was up to no good. (Trying to get on the computer and most likely about to write on the wall with the marker that he had in his hand! Caught him just in time. ) I took him for a diaper change and came back in the dining room to check on Myla and she had "decorated the D with rainbow colors" (completely her own words). She was so proud of herself that I had to get a pic.
Later we got to our "D" scavenger hunt. We found door, dresser, dolls, deer, dish, dragon and dollhouse! Not all pictured here.
The scavenger hunts have definitely been the challenging part for her. She can easily recognize the letter of the day but does not have the sounds down yet. I have to be careful that she is not getting overwhelmed. I know this is all good exposure and she definitely gets excited when I find something that starts with the letter but she isn't quite ready to see things in her room and name sounds. Another thing I learned today about Myla and the scavenger hunts is that she does not like leaving the labels up the next day. She wants to take them all off so we can start new the next day. I have been leaving just a couple of things labeled like "bed, dresser, door, etc that I think will be great for some early reading. She "read" the word "bathtub" today when she was in the bathroom and was pretty proud of herself. :) D is for digging! The next activity was definitely the most fun so far. I made a sensory tub out of brown rice and stale cheerios. (It was a great way to clean out my pantry!) I just poured the cereal and rice in my cupcake carrier which worked out pretty well. Then I buried some "D"s and "D" things. Here is a pic of what I put in it.
I made sure to include lots of "D"s but wanted to also include the letters in her name and a few other letters that she knows so that she could differentiate. The object was to just dig for Ds! Very fun!
While Noah was busy stuffing his face with stale cheerios, Myla was excited to find a dinosaur card!
Here are all the "D" things she found!
Then Nana brought over a wagon so we tried it again by pouring everything in the wagon so it was deeper. Pretty neat idea, but by this time, Noah was off to something else so Myla wanted to go play with him so this part was short-lived.
Nana also brought over these gigantic letters that she was giving to my sister but thought we could play with them first. We spread them all out and Myla would hop to the letters she knew. We had her lay down on her name when she found it.
We then hid the letters that she knew in the other room for a little hide and seek game. But since it was "D-day" we called it "detective hunting". Didn't get a pic of this though. I also did not get a picture of our dance night but we turned on the Wii for a few songs of Just Dance Kids so we could get our Dancing in. :) I have no idea what we are doing tomorrow for Letter E. I'm thinking...well, right now I am thinking about going to bed. I plan on winging it tomorrow.

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