Friday, June 28, 2013

N day :)

We had a lot on our agenda today but we had fun squeezing in a little learning.  Myla tracing her sensory letter and reviewing her N animal card. Anyone ever seen a narwhal?

Noah likes to join in on the fun he is learning the N sound...
Every letter he sees he will point to it and yell "A!!" I guess he has a 1/26 chance to being right. :)

Myla and I talked about the people in our family whose names start with N so we made this...

We left to go pick out Myla's glasses and she fell in love with this pair!
Even though the dr said she won't have to wear them all the time, I have a feeling she will want to!
After our trip to VisionWorks we headed out to grapevine mills to exchange a few things. Ended up actually keeping the cute Sperry shoes Jeff picked out for Myla earlier in the week but we did find some Sperry's for Noah. 
Anyway, once we were back home we got to our "Catching N words" game. We had nets from another game that we used and we wrote some N words on paper, folded them in half and threw them up in the air for them to catch.

It was a little challenging so I decided to throw them over our loft so it would have more time to fall. I also just threw one at a time so it was much easier!
She would catch the words and read them. :)

Trying to upload a video of our game but blogger is not cooperating...guess i will try later.

Here are our words!
Then right after this pic, a package arrived...from Nona! She sent Myla a New book called The Best Nest!
 The best part was that Nona was set to call her at bedtime to read it to her! She was soo excited!

We were already planning on making a nest today so this book was perfect. Making her nest our of her N....

Reviewing some letters using our stickers and paper towel tube. Great for fine motor skills too.

Waiting for Nona's phone call to read her story!
 Night-Night story from Nona! So special
 She was smiling and giggling during the whole story. :)

Great day of making memories!

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