Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Letter of the Day ----> B!

Today was "B" day! And it was a Beautiful day of learning. Ha ha. :)For Breakfast we started the day Baking Blueberry muffins. The first batch we made I inadvertently used expired all-purpose flour and it tasted awful. Guess it shows how much baking I do. But I did have whole wheat flour so we salvaged the blueberries and tried again with a new batch. It turned out very yummy and the kids loved them!
After breakfast, we did a few activities on the iPad and then we were ready to head outside for Bubbles! B is for Bubbles!
After a Break for lunch, Myla and I made her Bumble Bee craft. Didn't take long at all...Myla thought it was fun doing the stripes!
We later went upstairs for our "B" scavenger hunt and found some things in the Bathroom! Bubble machine, Bathtub, and Brother! Yes, we labled Noah :)
Then we were off to her Bedroom to search some more. Here is what we found...
Before naptime (thank God for naptime), Myla found her "B"s and wrote her B on her Abc strip. We also discovered we were all wearing Blue!
By the end of the day, she was noticing "B" on different books and signs. So fun to see her getting excited about learning. She did say before bed time that she couldn't wait for her "C" activities tomorrow! I better think of something clever before then!

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