Thursday, June 20, 2013

G is for God, golf, giraffes, and glitter!

Great! is a good word to sum up our "G" day (which was actually yesterday...just too tired to post last night) Since we had taken the last 2 days for review, Myla was excited to learn a new letter today. She already seemed to know it pretty well too. We started the morning at VBS so we talked about God starting with "G" and she shared the lesson she learned at VBS..."to pray all the time, especially when you are afraid of the dark or when you have monsters in your room." Ha ha, works for me! After VBS we played a game of golf! We opted to play inside since it was blazing hot outside.
She was anxious to get to the "G" scavenger hunt so we got that together and found a few things. Once she discovered that the word "green" started with a "G" all she would search for was green stuff. So we put all that in a basket and labeled "Green things". :) Here is what else we found...
Then we labeled a few other G things to leave up around the house... Gate...
G is for giraffe!
Then she remembered about the Curious George app on the iPad that gives facts about giraffes!
Then we just had to do one more craft...A Glamorous Glitter G. Please forgive the misspelling...I was in a hurry because Myla was 3 seconds away from dumping pink glitter all over the table!
Then we just had to play the "rescue the letter" game underneath the table.
And I could not make this up...we made spaghetti for dinner and I was showing the kids how to throw a noodle on the wall to see if it sticks to show its ready (people really do that?!) Anyway, threw it once and here is how it landed!
Pretty nice way to end our "G" day. And yes, it is stil on our wall...wondering how long it will stick??? ha haha

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