Thursday, June 13, 2013

C is for Cereal, crabs, cleaning and cookies!

The title sums up our "C" day! The first thing Noah said this morning when he woke up was "cheerios!" It was as if he knew it was the letter of the day. So Noah had his Cereal but Myla wanted waffles. She did ask what letter waffles starts with. :)
Noah's placemat says "The Chairman" which is the nickname my dad gave him awhile back since he would just sit back and observe everyone. So it took Myla a little time to find the "C" since the font was different but she did find it after eliminating a few of the other letters!
After breakfast I didn't waste any time getting to the next "C" activity...Cleaning! Yes, I put them to work. It was also their daily Chore for the day so that worked out nicely.
Our "C" craft was making a crab!
Then I thought we could add some cereal in the sand and that would stand for the soft /c/ sound and the crab represents the hard /c/. You don't really realize how jacked up the English language is until you are teaching phonics to a 4 year old.
Noah was happy just eating the Cheerios.
I left to go run some errands and Jeff took the kids out to lunch to meet one of his former basketball players, C.C. I asked him to take a picture of the kids with C.C. but he refused. Oh well. He'd leave the letter of the day teaching up to me. After dinner, we made our "C" cookie and thought of our family and friends names that started with letter C. She came up with a couple on her own but still needed help so I wrote the names of different people on paper for us to sort. She loved this! She could easily identify the letter C by this point.
While the cookie was baking we went upstairs to do our "C" scavenger hunt. Here are a few things we found!
Our Completed Cookie! ha ha
It was delicious. :)
Great day. 3 letters down and 23 more to go. We are taking a day or two off to review after we have learned A-F. We will see how well she is retaining them!

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