Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quite a nice day to be Queen!

Q day was going to be a busy day as it was our anniversary (7 years goes by fast!) and I had some school stuff to take care of. Oh and I had the most relaxing hour and a half pedicure. So I did get a few things for Q day ready the night before.

Q is for Queen Myla
I had this ready for when she woke up she could decorate as I was getting breakfast ready. Super easy....I painted the bottom of a paper plate (which happened to already be pink on the other side) with pink tempera paint. It dried pretty fast so then I could cut the slits to look like the points on the crown. Then we already had foam paper and foam stickers to decorate.

She loved it.

Since she was Queen Myla, she could have 3 wishes today...I realize that was a dangerous statement because she could wish for anything but it turned out ok.

Her wishes...
1. "That everything would be perfect."
2. "That everything would be good for my brother, Noah."
3. "Hmmm...I like to read books."

Ha ha....the last one was not quite a wish but I'll take it. Sure makes her teacher mommy proud!

Then I was off to school to interview for our open position and was gone for the rest of the morning. I picked up Quizno's for lunch. Jeff took the kids up to his school to do a few things so it was here when they got back.
Q is for Quizno's

Then I left to get my pedicure at Cold Creek Spa. I think I already mentioned how amazing it was! Thank you babe, for letting me go relax on our special day.

Once I got home I only had about an hour to get ready and do some more Q activities with Myla. Soo, here is what we did. Again, I already had all the materials ready the night before so we could do most of everything.

We made a Q poster of the few words that start with Q.

Then we were going to make a Quail but she had no idea what one was. So we watched a baby quail video which she loved.
 Then we were ready to make the quail...

The next thing we did was play this game where I had written the words "quickly" and "quietly" on cards. I reviewed the words with her first and had her act out a few things quickly and then quietly. Then I had her flip over a card along with one of her ABC animal cards and she would either have to say the letter and animal quickly or quietly. She had a lot of fun with this!

The last thing we had time for was to go through her letter cards to see how quickly she could identify the letter. She went thru all of them and just got stuck on "D" so we set it aside and reviewed it later. Then we played again and she got them all correct!

Two thumbs up for Miss Myla!

Soon after this pic, Mom showed up to stay with the kids so we could go out for a little anniversary dinner. Of course, she had to snap a few pics of us before we left.

We had a gift card to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse in Dallas. It was soooo good!
 Then we drove up to the Shops of Legacy to walk off our dinner and then decided we wanted some ice cream. There's a cute little pond there where we sat to finish our ice cream. It was quite a fun time as always!

Never a dull moment with this guy! And I certainly felt like a Queen today too!

Now, today is R day and I have no idea what we are doing! Kids are up finally ( I love summer and how they sleep in until 9!)

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