Wednesday, July 3, 2013

RRR we almost through the alphabet yet?!

So today (which was actually yesterday, but trying to sound current) I woke up with no plans for how to teach R so it was the first day where I was scrambling for ideas. And then I had the thought...she really knows the rest of her letters, right?! We made it 65% of the way thru the alphabet and she really knows all the ones we've learned so far. (SIGH) But just as I finished the long sigh, I had Myla bouncing over to me...."Mommy, what are we doing today? I'm ready for my first activity!!" She had a huge smile and her eyes were wide. (Ok, Monica, you can do it...time to power thru) 
I responded with somewhat similar enthusiasm, "Well it is the day after Q so let's is "R" day!! Like rabbit, rhino, race...." Myla interrupts me and screams, "And TREE!"

Ok, yeah, we are definitely continuing thru the least the word "tree" has an R in it though.

So, I started with my 'go-to' and sat them in front of Alphie the Robot (I didn't even make the connection about robot starting with an R until later in the day so can't give me credit for that one.) They both went over the R card with Alphie, I really think Noah enjoys this a little more.

 He kept making the "rrrr" sound...
 I also had Myla trace her sensory letter a few times which she exclaimed "I already know how to do it!"

So I did get the idea, thanks to a quick search on Pinterest, to do a ribbon sensory bin. Simple...grab different lengths and textures of ribbon, throw in a box along with things that start with R for the child to discover. But I didn't have time to gather different R items so instead I just threw some letters in there that were R and Not an R. I had her dig thru the ribbon and pull out what she could feel and then sort.

Sometimes the best ideas are those that are last minute. She loved this and it took longer than I expected for her to find them all.

But it took her less than 2 minutes to do the sorting once we had everything out.

 Seriously, I left to go check on Noah who was up to no good and was back in less than a minute or two and she was done. Such a proud girl!
I do think at this age that letter distinguishing is not challenging but recalling the letters later can be. But overall she has done a great job.

Then we decided to do something fun and wRap Myla up in all the Ribbon.

We already had plans to go hang out with our Relatives Olivia and Elijah today as my mom was babysitting them so Kim and Clay could enjoy their anniversary day! So we went over around lunch and mom ordered pizza for everyone. We decided to get the kids out to run around and took them to the playground at my school to play.

R is for Race!

 It was a close race but it looks like Olivia is in the lead!
 Playing on mommy's playground where the kids have Recess
 Rowdy Rascals

 Our little Rugrats

 Really impossible to get a pic with all 4 looking

After we got home we wrapped up R day with making her Rabbit.

It turned out to be a really great day.

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