Thursday, July 4, 2013

S is for Sea World reveal, sand cake and swimming!

So, yesterday we revealed to the kiddos that we are going to...

It's kinda last minute decision, we will leave on Monday and I literally booked our hotel minutes before we took these pics and told the kids. Just a night get-a-way, hoping it will be fun and worth the trip!

 Jeff wanted to show her some pics of Sea World and then ask, "wouldn't that be fun to go there?"
 And then we told her we WERE going there in less than a week. She was sooo excited.

A little later,  I had Myla help me with starting the Sand Cake. I saw it on pinterest, of course, and thought it would be perfect for S day! Here Myla is making the graham cracker crumbs.

While the cake was baking we did a few activities..
 Copying mommy's "S"

Playing on Awesome website for beginning readers!
 S is for sandwiches!

Layering the sand cake in the pail

We added some strawberries on top and cut them to look like shells...but kinda look more like crabs. :)

After learning a little about snakes, she made one out of her S

Enjoying the chilled sand cake!

Sorting our letters

And, I don't know how it was even possible but I made it until 2pm before I had my was a long morning and this was much needed! So S is for Spark!!

We actually had extra sand cake left over so we were able to add to our pail and take to our swim party!

S is for swimming with friends

When I asked Myla what the best part of the day was as I was tucking her in... she said that "we are going to Sea World!!" I'm glad she is so excited. Sure hoping we have a fun time and praying that Noah will be a trooper. We shall see!

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