Sunday, July 14, 2013

Y is for...

Y day was Yesterday and we got in our activities quickly in the morning since the kids were spending the day and night at their grandparents' house. 

First thing Myla wanted to do was "learn" something on the computer.  I had to insert the word "learn" since what she really said was "play" but playing is learning right? She loves my Macbook Pro and can probably work it better than me. We watched a couple of videos on Yaks, our Y animal of the day. 


 "Mom, yaks kinda look like cows!"

Making our Yak craft...

 We have really loved all of the letter crafts we have found on Totally Tots website. Such cute ideas and easy for kids to make. Most of our ABC crafts have been from this awesome site.

YUMMY or YUCKY Taste Test Game

Since it was Y day, it made sense to do a Yummy or Yucky taste test. I looked thru the fridge and pantry to find a few things that the kids may find yummy or yucky. It was actually a good time for me to clean out the moldy bread I found shoved at the back of the pantry. Oh and a few rotten peppers in the veggie drawer. Definitely yucky but decided not to serve to the kids. :)

Here is what their plates looked like before we began! We tried cheetos, blueberries, sour pickle, lemon, raisins, marshmallows, string cheese, and a little sample of Mommy's Advocare Raw bar.

I made little signs out of construction paper and taped a popsicle stick to the back so the kids could hold up their opinion of each food they tried. Most of these things I already knew what they would choose but it was a good activity to reinforce the importance of trying a new food at least once before claiming it is "yucky".  We reviewed what it means to take a "No, thank you" bite.

 First bite...cheetos!

Of course it was yummy!

Then she tried some raisins...

and string cheese...
(forgot how much she really disliked it, there was a little gagging...oops)

She gobbled up the marshmallows and blueberries and claimed them as yummy, but she did not like mommy's Advocare Raw bar. I love how she is smiling while holding the "Yucky" sign though.

Last up...LEMON!!

Love this sour face!

And after all those sour faces....the lemon is YUMMY!

It was Noah's turn next. (I intended to have them do this at the same time but Noah was uninterested at first. But once he realized he could EAT, he was all about it.)

 Most things were yummy to him so he just kept on holding the sign.

"Wait a minute, mom...there's something interesting on TV"
He actually found the marshmallows and pickle to be "yucky".

Next up was the lemon...

 ha ha!
 He too found the lemon to be yummy and wanted to keep on eating it!

Noah really liked Mommy's AdvoCare Raw bar...
 So I gave him the rest of it!
Fun activity that I'm sure we will play again....great way to introduce new and different foods! 

Yarn Bracelets

To wrap up our Y day, we made some yarn bracelets. I also cut some longer pieces of yarn for Myla to make "Y"s out of but I didn't take any pics. 

My sweet girl rockin' her cool bracelet!

One more day in our Letter of the Day series! We will finish up with Z and then do a few review activities of all the letters!

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