Friday, July 5, 2013


U day ended up being a good one. I did learn that Myla apparently had no idea what letter U was until today. And I didn't realize that it would be a challenging letter for her to write at first. She kept wanting to make it upside down. So we did some good practicing today.

The first thing we did was prepare our Us for a game called U-Toss. They kinda look like horsehoes so I thought it could work. We just cut the cardboard from an old cereal box and diaper box to cut out the Us and then we put foam paper on top. I pulled up my laptop with some U words and pictures for Myla to read off to me and I wrote them on the Us. Here she is practicing writing U...

 So we had 2 big Us with U words and pics and the little Us were Myla's practice letters.

 While I was getting the U-toss game ready, Myla worked in her workbook on the U page...

Game is ready...just used a ziplock box and a tall water bottle to be the stand. Luckily I had them in our recycle bin and I just love to re-Use things! ;) One pinterest idea was to use an egg carton as the base and a paper towel tube as the stand but we used our tubes up yesterday.

We took turns tossing the Us... (love Noah in the background!)

She made one!
 Racing back for another turn...

Myla took this pic. We ended up placing it on our coffee table as it was a little easier.

 Then Noah joined the game but he had his own rules.

This is how he played :)

Under the table...

Then she sorted her letters and would place the Us under the table

Making our umbrella...

 Didn't get a cute pic of her holding it but here it is...

And yes, we realize it is upside down but I wanted her to look at it and see "U", other examples I had seen showed the umbrella upright and I didn't want that to confuse her, especially since she was writing them like that at the beginning of the day. So it is our upside down umbrella :)

Considering not moving on to V tomorrow since I have tons to do around the house and before we leave on our trip but it might be best to just power thru. We will definitely not do any letters while we are in San Antonio so...we shall see. 

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