Sunday, July 14, 2013


It's Z end of the Alphabet and last post on the Letter of the Day series! Whew! It's been an adventure and I am so glad we did it.

Here's a recap of our Z Day!

First we traced our sensory letter a few times so we could be ready for our next activity.

Disappearing Zzzzzs

I drew some Zs on her chalkboard and then she used a q-tip dipped in water to trace over the Zs to make them disappear. A fun activity to encourage writing and she just thought she was playing. Ha ha!

Making the Zs disappear...
 Wanted to do this activity on "Q" day since she is using a q-tip but didn't think of it until after that. So we had to squeeze it in with our last letter!

Then we just practiced writing Zs on the chalkboard. Z is a pretty challenging letter for little ones to write.

After watching a little video on zebras, Myla was ready to do her Zebra craft. Cutting pipe cleaners for zebra stripes... a bit hard for her to do on her own but she is trying!

 Gluing on the stripes
 our Zebra!

Zipper Search

The last activity we did was a zipper search. I had her check the drawers in her dresser to see how many zippers she could find on her clothes. (just disregard the princess dress, not related to the search, she just really wanted to wear it today!)

Found one!

 We found 21 zippers in all! (didn't check the closet though!)
 Then she found a zipper on her bear!

We wrapped up our Z day by writing her last letter on her ABC strip so now we could put it up in her room!

And we hung up our last letter on our ABC wall in the hallway :)

Way to go did great!

Z END!!!

Overall, this has been a great experience for both of us! I know Noah got a little exposure too as we was participating in most of our activities. We plan to do some letter recognition activities and review to see what she's learned. Also want to work more on sounds and writing the letters, but that can wait. Going to take a break for awhile though since we will be leaving for Colorado in a few days!

To see all of our letter activities that we did, check out the posts to the right!

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