Thursday, July 11, 2013

Well...We are back to letter of the day!

Today was W day. We just got back in town last night from our trip and Myla was ready to get back to our letter activities. She actually asked about it twice on the trip. Makes me happy that she enjoys learning. :)

Truthfully, it was hard to get back in town and think of activities to do for today but we got it done. Placed some magnetic letters on the table and had her pick out the W...

"Mom, I know what the W looks like...see?!"

I had to leave for a training workshop but we went to lunch at Whataburger after that!
 It was super sunny, so she wouldn't smile.

But she sure did smile while eating her Justaburger with cheese!

Working on her Walrus

 She was pretty excited to make a Walrus since we had just seen one at Sea World!

Then we had one more W craft...making a watermelon..
punching out holes for the seeds...this was little challenging so I had to help her...

She did great with the gluing though!

 Wow! is for Watermelon!

Earlier in the day, my sister had invited us to swim in their neighborhood pool. Her text to me said....

"W is for getting wet in the water with Wivia and Wijah" (aka Olivia and Elijah)
 So we attempted to swim but there was a little thunder and lightning but the lifeguard said no...
Boys hugged it out for the camera instead.
Wishing we could get wet in the water!

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