Thursday, July 4, 2013

T-riffic T day

We had a late night last night swimming and didn't get the kids in bed until 11pm. Gotta love summer nights! The best part is that the kids have been sleeping in until about 9 or 9:30. Good thing for this morning, since I didn't have a plan for teaching T so I had a little time to look up some ideas. I also got to sleep in a little too!

So we started off Tracing some Ts on the iPad and our sandpaper T

Then we did some Toilet paper tube crafts!
 We made USA rockets in honor of Independence Day

Noah wasn't all that into it though...

Myla, on the other hand, was like a professional painter

While the paint was drying on the rockets, we started tube craft #2....making the Liberty Bell.

We watched a little video on the Liberty Bell so she knew what it was. :)
 Super easy... we used a plastic cup for the bell and attached the tube with a pipe cleaner to the cup. Myla added the star and we glued the extra pipe cleaner on the outside to show the crack.
 We also put a jingle bell in the inside attached to the pipe cleaner so it would ring, even though the real Liberty Bell doesn't ring anymore :)

By then it was time to paint again. I painted on the USA and let Myla do some details. :) She was really bothered that she couldn't do pink on this I had her make another one which turned out all different beautiful colors!

Here is how Noah's turned out...really, it was mine since he didn't do a whole lot. ;)

We added some ribbon at the bottom to add some flames.

Myla came running in the kitchen with this box...."Look, mom...I found a "T"!!"

Making a T with our body!

Watching a short animated video on the Tower of Babel...also trying to squeeze in our little devotional too. Myla was fascinated by the tower and how it was supposed to be a "gateway to God"

Shortly after this pic, Noah came up and tried to swipe the iPad from Myla who resisted so he hit her. :(

So he earned himself a "time-out" 

T is for Time-out

After I put Noah down for a nap, myla and I made a T tower out of her mega blocks.
 Then we tried to use all of the blocks and build it as tall as we could. 
T is for tall tower!

We had our parents over for dinner and went to watch Fireworks but too tired to add them now! Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow is U day so there is light at the end of the tunnel....6.more.days.

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