Saturday, July 6, 2013

V is for vase, veggies and velcro!

V Day started off pretty cool as Myla got a postcard from her VBS teachers thanking us for coming to their Vacation Bible School. Myla really loved it and learned a lot. So she was thrilled that they sent her a note. ;)

I had the idea of making a vase out of an old Lysol wipes container and thought that it would be good for Myla to practice her cutting she is searching for "v"s that we can use to decorate our vase.

Being a detectiVe and searching....

Gluing on the Vs

Vase is done, now we just needs some flowers

 Myla really wanted to plant real flowers but I convinced her to make some out of pipe cleaners and foam stickers instead. We also made some "V"s out of foam paper to look like flowers. They kinda look like tulips, right?! This was very easy for her to do. We simply took the pipe cleaner (wish I actually had green ones, only had brown and neon yellow) and attached the foam sticker to the top. We didn't peel off the sticker backing completely so that it would help keep sticker on the pipe cleaner.

We probably could've added more but we were pleased with how it turned out!

All done!

This beautiful vase is now decorating our kitchen table. Very beautiful!

After lunch, we headed outside in the mini pool to catch some UV rays. Of course, my fair-skinned babies were lathered in sunscreen.

After swimming and playing, it was back inside in the A/C for a little veggie snack of carrot sticks while we made her Vegetable craft. We just needed green and orange foam paper for this one. We cut out a large V from the green foam paper.

Then we cut out a carrot from the orange paper and glued on one side of the V. We made the other side celery by drawing lines on it. Myla wanted my help drawing some other veggies like broccoli, peppers and pumpkins. We talked about how vegetables are actually plants and that they need water, sunlight and soil to grow.

I love how she added the rain falling on her veggies since we had just talked about what plants need. 

Our last V activity for the day involved playing with these cool Velcro sticks my sister made. I had recently pinned this idea on Pinterest and my sister had commented that she already had a set. So we just had to borrow them for V day.

Then we spelled out her name....

Such a fun day!! We will be on a letter of the day hiatus starting tomorrow since we are going out of town on Monday for a few days! We are ALMOST to the end of the alphabet...stay tuned!!

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