Monday, July 29, 2013

Listerine & Vinegar foot soak...why not?!

While on vacation in beautiful Colorado last week, I could not think of a more relaxing place to try out the Listerine and Vinegar foot soak. It was all over Pinterest earlier in the summer and I had pinned it but never got around to actually trying it at home. Here is the link to the Pinterest pin I used. Here is a screen shot I took from my phone.

I decided to try this out on one of the first few days we were there. Kids were both napping and it was a perfect time to relax.  I had gathered the ingredients as well as a large roasting pan (haha! It was the only thing we had at the house that would work, but I suggest a deeper bowl so your feet can soak under the water better.)

All you need is Listerine, Vinegar and warm water! I actually had to quadruple the "recipe" so I could get my feet under the water since I used the large rectangular pan. A large tupperware bowl would have worked better.

I took the roasting pan and my listerine/vinegar mix outside on the back porch where I had an amazing view. (Not so much the view of the dog, but of the gorgeous Steamboat Springs mountains. It's heavenly). I brought out my iPad so I could continue reading one of my summer books. I call them summer books since I only read during the summer. Too much going on during the school year!

Anyway, I set my timer for 15 minutes and let them soak. I noticed some tingling that felt very refreshing! It must be doing something effective. While soaking, I got distracted from my book and decided to look into reviews of this listerine/vinegar soak. I started to freak out a bit when people were saying that the blue listerine stained their feet! was recommended to use clear Listerine. (Don't think I've ever seen clear Listerine before?!) Anyway, I continued to let it soak and take my chances. If my feet were going to be as smooth as they were saying, I could deal with blue-tinged feet for a couple days.

But, after soaking the 15 minutes, my skin color had not changed! And my feet were refreshed! It brought all the dead skin to the surface. Kinda gross to see but I used a foot scrubber in the shower and the result were soft and smooth feet!

I really recommend it to anyone wanting some smooth feet...Now if I could have just gotten a polish change it would have been as good as a spa pedicure that would charge $50 or more. :)

There is still time left in the summer and if you live in Texas, we will be wearing flip-flops well into October, so give this a try!!

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