Friday, July 12, 2013

X marks the spot!

Today was X day and "X" activities were hard to come by...not a lot of options. BUT...I came across this link on Pinterest for an X scavenger hunt game called "X Marks the Spot."

I modified it just a bit and it turned out great! Probably my favorite activity so far! 
The object of the game is to locate the "X"clues around the house that will lead to the treasure!
I did have to get a few things prepared...
I drew pictures ( to the best of my artistic ability) of places around or in our house where the clues might be located. Once we had checked that area, she could cross out or "X" off the picture. 
I also prepared X activity cards and stuck them around the house.

To get a little background knowledge, we watched a short video on treasure hunting and of course, we had to get dressed in our "treasure hunting" clothes.

The first thing she had to do was trace her sensory letter a few times to get warmed up for her first clue.
(I simply told her the clues on where to go instead of having it written down. I modified this by just writing down what activity she would do to get her next clue.)
 I did draw some of the pictures before I realized exactly what I was doing with it so I had to have Myla cross out the 2 places we would not be going to...the roof and the clock!

 Here she is crossing an "X" over them.
 Her first clue..."Find the object on your sheet that you can sit on, then look under it!"

She found it under her chair.

 The X activity card said she would need to trace 5 Xs on her page before she could get her next clue.

 Way to go Myla!

 Next clue: "Find the object that is a place to eat at and look under."
It's right above you!!

Her "X" activity card said to make an X out of her velcro sticks.

Next clue: "Find the object that plays your favorite shows."

This activity card was on the side of the TV. It said to draw a big X on the whiteboard.
(Noah really wanted to participate too)

 Next clue: "Find the object where you go if you want to swing or slide."

 Found it!

Has anyone ever heard of a Xantus? Learn something new everyday.

Next clue: "Check the object where we throw our trash."
This was behind the trash can....Sing your ABC song and clap when you get to "X"

Next clue: " Find the object where we store our food if we want to keep them cool and fresh."
This was on the fridge...

Make an X with your arms...LOL

 And last clue was, "Find the object where you go to get clean."

This one had a map on the back to lead us to the treasure!

 She found it!!
 She and I both LOVED this!! Very engaging for her and she wanted to make up a treasure hunt for me  next. :)

PS....It totally helped that I told her before we started that we were searching for a pretend treasure chest so she wouldn't be disappointed. I showed her the picture beforehand on my computer so she knew what we were looking for. We could certainly pretend it was real!

Later in the day, before our X-ray craft, I decided to show her a kid-friendly video of what an X ray is because she really didn't know.
 Our X-ray craft!

It was an X-tra fun day. 2 more days to go...not gonna lie, a little excited about that. Maybe my house will actually be clean again!?

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