Saturday, June 27, 2015


Q Day came and went just as quickly as this summer is flying by!

Quick as in we also didn't do much with Q today except pose for pics.

We had a busy day today, cleaning out the garage, posting old clothes and toys to sell, etc. The kids were troopers as mommy and daddy were working. But I had time to snap some pics...

Noah came up to me while I was working to show me his picture. He said it was his "Q". 
Can you see it? ha ha 

So since he was showing the smallest amount of interest on his own, I thought I would take advantage....

I drew a Q, and he drew a Q.

So proud

Once again, I found a saved preschool craft...

Myla wanted to pose wrapped up in a quilt!

Then I was really racking my brain all day about what Q word we could do for his Letter of the Day pic.

So I decided he could be a "Quiet Quail Hunter"!! Ha ha!

Since he had no idea what a quail was, he watched a video of some California Quails.

Then we got him dressed in the best hunting attire we had available. 

Trying to find Quail...

He thinks he may see some...

But, you have to be VERY Quiet!!

SHHHH! Quail has been spotted!

 And this one made the cut!

So, not the best letter activities today, oh, who am I kidding? We did not do any activities today. And as of now, I don't have any R ideas yet. Could dress him up in my huge Rangers jersey. Ha! 

We might wait and do "R" on Monday. Do you have any ideas for me?!

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