Monday, June 22, 2015

Legos, Letters, Life cycle and Lemonade!

Welllll, "L"day started off like any other day...


Noah hopped up in his chair to write his name with a huge a smile on his face. I didn't even have to ask him to. AND...he pointed to the whiteboard and said, "Hey, mom...that's an "L".... for Lewisville!"

He has also self corrected his grip now too!

"I did it."

Since Noah already knows the Letter L, I wanted to stick with the same activities I had planned today but would adapt it to be more of a review for all the letters we have learned so far. 

We actually did this last summer when we did "Motor Skills Monday" and the kids loved it...
You can see the original post HERE.

We actually just did the Letter and Lego press today! And, hey! It's a Monday!

Letters, Legos and Play dough is ready. However, I thought I had more play dough than this. 

Placed a plastic table cloth on the table although it really wasn't necessary. It was still a mess afterwards. :)

Also got out the rolling pin because Noah may or may not be slightly obsessed with it. 

Still rolling it flat!

It was Myla's turn. It kept getting stuck on the roller so she ended up just using her hands to flatten it out. 

Once it was flat, we pressed our letters and legos!

Then we would roll it back flat and try again.

Even Mom got into the action. 

The we just wanted to build with the legos. 

Then he put his "castle" on the purple carpet. Love their imaginations. 

Next activity was one that I had been saving toilet paper rolls for! I'll call this Letter Sort!

I wrote all 12 letters we have learned so far on the individual rolls (Myla helped write some letters, can't you tell?!) and then stuck them in an empty egg carton. I had saved this one from last year and glad I already had it since I just bought a new carton of eggs yesterday!

Noah was simply going to match and sort them sending the letters down the chute!

A-F was pretty easy for him. He was sorting pretty fast.

 almost done!

Then we took the rolls out to check!

Way to go, buddy!

Then we were ready for the last 6 letters... G-L.

Either these letters were more difficult for him or he was over it already. He thought it would be funny to put them in the wrong ones really quickly.

But then we had to make our corrections and get them right. So he did. 

Of course, Myla wanted a turn even though she said it would be "super duper easy" for her. So we decided to modify and have her sort them as fast as she could. (I pretended to time her. )

Sorting 2 at a time here...such skills. ;)

The Last thing we did for L was start our observations of our caterpillars for LIFE CYCLE!

Myla got this kit for her birthday from Nona and we have been soooo excited to get this started. We ordered the caterpillars and they finally came in!

L is for Life cycle. 

We read this book first...

Then we did some observing....

The caterpillars were already a good size when they arrived. As you can see some are already getting ready to change into their chrysalis. 

I had printed off a free butterfly book from TpT for her to read and color. 

Then a little cut and paste activity matching the pictures to the life cycle stages. 

My 2nd graders had actually used this same observation book and that made Myla feel so big that she was doing 2nd grade level work. :)

We would use this to record our observations during the life cycle. 

For today, she told me her observations for me to write down on the board. 

Then she wrote it down in her observation book and drew her picture for today. We will probably record our observations every couple of days. Makes my dorky teacher heart happy. 

As for Noah and his daily letter picture... this is all I got...

We love Daddy's high school!

And LASTLY, when Life hands you "L" as the letter of the day, you make LEMONADE!!

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