Friday, June 26, 2015

Playing Catch Up!

It's been a busy couple of days so just playing catch up with the first part of this post, and then we move on to "P"!!

If you read my last post, I was thrilled that we could take a break for a little bit since Noah already knew M, N, and O. Here are a few pics..
After all of the intense competition with the "L is for Lewisville" and "M is for Marcus" pics, it was good to have a patriotic one for us all!! :) {the Marcus pic got more likes, by the way...just saying!}

I dug his Preschool letter craft out of his stash of things I saved to "review". 

Funny that I saved it but it came in handy today. He remembered it was a nest!

Then I also found his O he made at school!

And his O costume required.

He was actually mad at me here so it captured his O word perfectly!

Yesterday was really "P" Day but we also continued it today.  Coincidently, we went to the Perot museum yesterday!! So here is a super brief recap...let's see if I can caption every pic with a "P".

On the way, Myla brought a few books to read in the car. So Proud of her reading!

P is for PEROT Museum!

P is for Poppa!

My Pretty girl

P is for Posing...

Putting away Produce at the Children's Museum

Paying for Produce

Playing in the water

Putting on some Protective Gear

Posing for more pics...

Patiently waiting on the elevator

Peering out the window...

Precious boy in a Polo shirt

Prehistoric Paw Print (ha ha) {Read this aloud to Myla and she said, "mom, it's NOT a paw print but it IS prehistoric.}

Pretending to sleep

Pretty girl on the phone

Poppa Playing

Putting down some beats in his recording studio

Playing the drums

Playing together

Playing with Daddy

Peeking out of a tunnel...

No P connection here... just a pic

 He can be such a pill. 

We are so Positively blessed to have such an awesome Granny and Poppa!

"Pretending" to read on the way home

Ok, well that summed up our Perfectly awesome trip to the Perot! (you can stop rolling your eyes now...I'm all done with the lame captions.)

In other news, today we moved our caterpillars to their Butterfly Habitat! Again, not P related but worth mentioning!

We did have to PIN them to the top of the net. (sorry, just couldn't help myself)

Noah thought it was pretty neat. (OMG...I can't stop)

Here's a video...
Myla Predicting what will happen to her Painted Lady Butterflies!

Later, the kids made up a Passing Game. They passed the ball back and forth and made up rules. 

Cheap entertainment...gotta love it. 

We went to Chicken Express to pick up dinner and I had to capture this sweet video....

P is for POWER of our God!!

This evening, I found his letter P from Preschool....

It was as if he had seen if for the first time!

P is for Puzzle pieces!

Then of course, we had to do some Puzzles...

This one was just matching letters to pictures. 

She found more matches than me. 

Got them all!

Then I also had the puzzle letters...

Noah found the P...

We discovered that there were missing letters and some were duplicates!

Myla's job was to figure out which ones were missing. 

Then I had the idea to use the letters we did have to spell some of her word wall words....

And lastly....Noah's Letter of the Day pic. 
I actually took this over a month ago when he got this Pirate costume for his birthday!

Until next time!! 

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