Friday, June 12, 2015

E is for...

...the END? 

ha, ha. not really.  But still staying positive with working with this onry 4 year old. 

I did discover that he is at his best in the morning so I tried my luck at the breakfast table before any other distractions. And it seemed to work!

He sat down with the whiteboard and marker to scribble, I mean, draw me a picture. 

After free drawing for a bit, he let me write an E on the board for him to trace. He did great!

Still working on his grip but here he is practicing the lowercase e.

That might be a slight smile. 

Then he got into drawing and erasing, Then that gave me an idea....E is for erase!

I took the marker and wrote a big E on the glass table. There I go writing on the table again... To which Noah said, "Mom, do NOT write on the table! That is BAD MANNERS!"

ha ha, oh well. a minute later he couldn't get enough writing on the table. 

Then Myla joined in. She would write and Noah would erase. 

Here is a cute video of the erasing fun!

Then we got out the popsicle sticks to make some letters. We started with E.

I would start them and have Noah "help" me finish it. 


Myla wanted to write some E words on the table....


 A little later in the day, I pulled out this oldie but goodie from Myla's Letter learning days. See that post HERE.
I had saved the letters and pictures. Score! No prep work for me! I had Myla sort the pictures since she knows her letter sounds and I had Noah simply match the letters. 

As soon as he saw the letters he tried to bolt out of the room. But luckily I was able to coax him back in to do this with us. 

This proved to be a great activity for him! He felt successful matching the letters and putting them in the right envelope. Way to go buddy!

I think he might be having fun?

Rocked this activity...with his Earphones. 

Glad to see the Dugout is still a fun place to play. This was so nice to see them playing so well together. TV was off and all I could hear were there sweet voices interacting with each other. Good old fashion fun. Gotta love it. Myla even made a sign for their new "playhouse." It says something like "No parents allowed, Myla and Noah playhouse only."
Fine by me.

So after lunch, it was time for some Exercise!
We changed into our best exercise attire, put on some exercising music! Noah looks thrilled.

 But he soon got into the exercising spirit. 

 Flexing his muscles. 

I had found this Exercise ABC cards on Pinterest earlier in the week and originally thought we could do one a day for the letter that we were on. But instead we decided to do them all today!

It was fun! I think this one was L for Lift your legs!

This was O for jump Over a pillow!

We did all sorts of exercises including push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, hop on one foot. Serious stuff. Noah only did about half of it with us. He said he was tired and just wanted to watch. 

After Myla and I got through the whole alphabet of exercises, she wanted to do it again! But this time we would draw a card and do them in a different order.

Noah liked to shuffle them up for us and draw a card. 

Myla captured this as we were supposed to be doing push ups. 

Then of course it was Myla's turn or Noah's turn to take pics.

Love that smile on her face. 

So after participating in just a few of the exercises today, don't think Noah really earned this title today but he sure does look cute. 

We are definitely taking a break tomorrow from any letter activities. And possibly Sunday.  We shall see!!
I think I had 10 times as much ENERGY 2 years ago when we did this with Myla! Or maybe it is just because it is the first full week of being home for the summer? Teacher turned Stay At Home Mom who stays up late and watches movies and drinks wine? Add the nice summer cold and congestion I'm experiencing now. Yeah, could be that too. Hoping I recoup this weekend!

Until then...E is for exhausted!

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