Wednesday, June 10, 2015

C is for Cute Catcher in a Cape! (and a whole lot of other things)

C could stand for a lot of things today. 


 .... Cold, congestion, or in Myla's case Cellulitis. (Preseptal periorbital cellulitis, to be exact) The cold and congestion part just describes me today. Wasn't sick a day the entire school year but now am fighting a cold. Boo.

If you read my last post, you know Myla was having some eye issues last night. When she woke up this morning, her eye was nearly swollen shut, red and just gross.  I will spare you the picture of it. Jeff took Noah with him to basketball camp and I took M in to the doctor this morning.  So after examining her a bit, the dr determined she had a bacterial infection (with a fancy name) that had infected the tissues surrounding her eye. She said it was a little concerning and that we would really have to watch it and hope it doesn't get worse and spread. She is on two antibiotics that should knock it out in a couple days. The worst part is that she had to miss "Bolleyball" camp today but will hopefully be back tomorrow!

Once we got home, I felt the urge to CLEAN. There is nothing like a bacterial infection that makes me want to have a clean house...stat! So Myla helped me out a little.

C is for Cleaning.

 C is for chores.

C is for (I Could get used to this!)

After a little cleaning, we left to go pick up the crazy little brother at basketball camp and then later to get Myla's Rx. 

We ended up getting some Sonic for lunch and ate in the car. Gotta love it. Since I hate dragging the kids into the store, we went thru the Walmart drive through (isn't it the greatest?!) to get the Rx.

Then I discovered that C could stand for Car Conversations...

C is also for Cutting...
 Noah has been tending to his grass he grew at DKH. We water and cut it every few days. His teacher thought it would be good cutting practice for him. ;)

C is for COOKIES!
Thanks to the leftover cookies from our school fundraiser! We already had cookies in the freezer to make. 
Noah pointing to his "C" magnet. 

Making a big C out of the cookies!

Myla's idea was to make a pattern with the different cookies. 


Then we decided to count the cookies! Way to go Noah!

While the cookies were baking, we made a giant "C" on the floor out of yarn. Well, really just Myla made the C and Noah played with his trucks. 

Oh, but wait! Now Noah wanted to run around the "C".

C is for "CHEESE!"

 Then we decided to make the C a road and cover it with cars.

 Then Myla made a lowercase "c" too!

Noah's favorite part? Crashing the cars, of course!

Cookies are ready! We added some "C"s with icing!

C is for Cinderella! We streamed it online with Apply TV while we ate our cookies!

Noah loved getting dressed up like a Catcher ( a cute one, I might add) with a cape!

And my favorite "C" of the day...Cuddling with this Cutie!!

Stay tuned to C what's in store for tomorrow. I'm not even sure yet!

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