Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Homebound Hiatus

or in our case...H is for Homebound Hiatus. 

H day was technically yesterday but if you read my previous post, Noah was sick and I was blind. Still am. Ok, not really. Lemme explain....

On the Wednesday of the last day of school (oh wow, that was two weeks ago!), I noticed my left eye was red and a little irritated. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I went to Rapid Med that evening to get treated, just in case it was pink eye! But after a 10 minute visit with a doctor he determined I had bacterial conjunctivitis, prescribed me some antibiotic drops and sent me on my way. Despite my desperate pleas, the doctor said I could not wear my contact in that eye until it cleared up.

Oh no, I was going to have to "teach" the last 2 days of school without my left eye. This was the eye I declined lasik surgery on after my experience with my right eye was such a nightmare. Myla was just a couple months old when I had it done and it was such a pain. Seriously, 3 months after lasik on my right eye, it was still tearing. It was awful! AND my eye wasn't even 20/20. I would have to undergo another lasik surgery to get it fully corrected. I declined. I also decided not to have lasik in my left. So when the doctor said I could not wear my contact, I was doomed.

LONG story short, that Friday (last day of school), right before my team went out to perform at our Closing Celebrations assembly, I popped in my contact so I could see and hoped for the best. My eye had almost completely cleared up so I thought it would be fine. Unfortunately a few days later, it was back. I went another 48hours without the contact and treated it religiously with the drops. It was all cleared up again. Put a new contact in and then two days guessed it. It was coming back but this time in BOTH eyes! NO!!! This was this past Monday night. Yep, the same night Noah was up all night throwing up. What fun!

I decided to get in to see a (real) eye doctor, get more drops etc. Oh and I also had my mom take me to get a pair  of glasses, since I didn't own any. Unfortunately my glasses won't come in for 7-10 days AND the eye doctor thought it would be best if I treated my eyes for 7 whole days sans contacts. She also said that it would take that long to really kill all the bacteria. (Rapid Med dr said I'd be good after 48 hours. Liar. ) So, I am blind. No driving for me either! It's amazing that I am making it through this post without too many typos. #cantsee #runningintowalls

As for Noah, he still was running fever yesterday so my mother in law, bless her heart, took him to the doctor for me. He has strep. :( He had to miss today's VBS as well.

So.. we were HOMEBOUND. We also had to take a break yesterday from letter of the day fun since I was out getting glasses etc and Noah was recuperating. Hence the name, Homebound Hiatus.

BUT today Noah was much better (amazing what those antibiotics can do!) and we were back at some letter learning. Fortunately, he already knows "H" since it is in his name so we didn't spend a whole lot of time on it.

Here is what we did....

Pointing out and writing the H on his placemat.

Then he wanted to write the rest of his name. 

Happy and healthy.

After breakfast he was off to play with his trucks and watch Handy Manny. (this gave me an idea for later)

Once Myla left for VBS, Noah wanted to shoot some HOOPS!

H is for Hooping it up.

Then...are you ready for this?! Noah said he wanted to PAINT. What?! (He never wants to do anything like that. 
THEN, he said he wanted to "do some cutting and then color."


So we colored. I, of course, had to throw in some H words. 

As I was working on this lovely picture, Noah was busy coloring and cutting. 

That lasted a whole 4 minutes, and then he was ready to paint!

Here is his masterpiece so far. (I added the H for him)

I started mine....H is all I had for now. 

Once Noah saw my H he drew his own in green paint. 

H is for Hooray!

Noah was done painting but there was still paint left on our paper plate palette that I could not let go to waste. So I created a lovely hot air balloon. 

And also a beautiful sign that said "Hi!"

Here is our H collection. I had made the blue "H" earlier this morning. Now I have a purpose for it...

I decided to Hang up our H paintings and drawings. 

 "Hanging with the Hs"

Noah saying "HI!"

Remember earlier when I mentioned that Handy Manny gave me an idea? Well, I decided to get all of his handy tools and tool bench from upstairs and turn him into a Handy Helper!

Hard at work!

Handsome handyman!

And he was so sweet to pose for his Alphabet pic of the day. 

 My Handy Hero in a Helmet!

See you tomorrow! I think we might have to go get Ice cream for "I" day. Wait! I can't drive. Bummer. We may just have lots of iPad time instead!


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