Wednesday, June 17, 2015

G is for God, Garbage trucks and Grumpiness :(

Monday was actually our "G" day but we had to take a break thanks to Strep throat. I should've known by the look in his eyes after he got home from VBS...

 Actually, I knew he was exhausted from staying up later than usual the past couple nights. But I decided to take his temp right after this pic and he had a low grade. :(

Earlier that morning...

First Day of VBS!! So G is for GOD!

They had a fun first day!
They love their cousins!
Noah doesn't even look sick here!

After I took his temp I sent him to bed, actually it was his idea. He was super tired and wanted to nap right away.

Meanwhile, Myla wanted to share with me what she learned at VBS...

Yep, G is for God. :)

Once he woke up, his temp climbed to 102. Bummer. He's officially sick. I gave him some motrin and within 20 minutes he was back to playing. 

I decided to take advantage of this time since he was feeling better to do a few things with G.
Since I didn't have anything planned I decided to print off a big G and have him pose for some pics, something he loves to do, so score!

G is for Grumpy
 G is for Glad!
 G is for golf club!!

And his favorite ever...G is for Garbage truck! He still wants to be a garbage man when he grows up.

It was also G is for Gymnastics (for Myla!) This provided a great opportunity to explain how "g" makes two sounds. At first, Myla said, "But Mom, gymnastics starts with a J, not a G.../j/, /j/, /j/...Gymnastics!" 
Then she made the connection of the two different sounds..."Oh, I get it like I know that Giraffe starts with a g and doesn't have that /guh/ sound! My smart girl. 

On the way to gymnastics we dropped Noah off at my mom's house since I didn't want to bring a sick kiddo. 

He was happy to pose with his Grandmother (Nana) and her dog, Gracie!

G is for Grandmother and Gracie!

It wasn't long after we left that Noah's fever came back. He was burning up when I picked him up and all he wanted to do was cuddle. Always fine with me.

My sweet boy.

Later that night, Noah woke up several times throwing up. So I immediately thought stomach bug. No fun!! I kept him home the next day, obviously, from VBS. He was super grumpy that he had to miss. He really enjoyed the first day.

In my next post, I will share more of our crazy adventures the past 48 hours. In short, Noah went to the dr, and my eye infection was back possibly, causing me to not wear my contacts all day. If you know how blind I am, this is not good news. Oh and I don't own a pair of glasses. :(

But for now, I will finish up our G post which we completed today now that he is feeling better!

G is for golf!

We got him dressed in his golf attire and played some ghetto golf. All you need is a plastic golf club, golfball and a big cup! ha ha

We kept moving the cup around the room and took turns putting. He did better than me. I don't have my contacts in remember?!  Yeah, that's my excuse for him beating me. 

Then it was time for a snack. He chose Goldfish!

And then he pointed out the "G" on the package. 

We then made a Goldfish G out of the crackers but I got a phone call in the middle of it and didn't get a picture. Noah ate all of them by the time I was off the phone. Oh well!

And his Alphabet pic of the day....

Love this kid!!

Next post will be all about our Homebound Hiatus!

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