Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fantastic Family Fun! It's F day!

Sundays are reserved for Family time, even in the summer. With us both being teachers, we LOVE having our summers "off" together. However, we manage to stay busy during the week. Jeff worked a basketball camp at his school last week and is working another camp this coming week. So today was Family day. Perfect for F day. ;)

We took a break yesterday with Letter of the Day. It was nice. But today we are back at it. 

I had saved this little name card from Noah's preschool. Each morning, they had to write their name when they sat down at their table. I thought why not continue that each day before breakfast. 

The F for football is ready too. :)

When he saw it on his placemat he knew exactly what to do. He was a little apprehensive at first and still needs help holding the marker correctly. 

Such concentration. 

I then introduced letter "F" on his football. He said, "Ok, we gonna play football now?"

Actually I had just come up with a different game: Find the Footballs in Five! (see what I did there with all those Fs?)

We have lots of footballs or football things all around our house. I set the timer for five minutes and had the kids Find as many footballs as they could in that time. It was Fun!

Within a minute we found all these downstairs and started a pile. 

Next we headed upstairs!

"Hey, mom! Found a guitar!"

Focus, son...footballs!

 Myla found a football on his sports pillow. Sure, that will work. 

 Noah found this wooden football on his shelf but it somehow didn't make it downstairs to our football pile. 

Noah remembered Daddy had a "weal" football out in the garage.

"Hey mom, look at this!"

When we went back inside, Myla was already hard at work writing on the whiteboard...

Once we found all that we could find (I KNOW we have more around the house but we really stopped at the timer!) we made an F. 

Then we added the football from the garage to make another one. 

My football fan!

Myla realized the F could also be for Firefighters so she had to pose for a pic.

Then I figured we would get out the shaving cream for some word wall practice (for Myla) and letter review (A-F) for Noah. 

She loved spreading it all over the table. 

I let her free play in it for awhile. 
"Mom, my hands are all sticky!"

Writing word wall words....

I had kept her word wall word list from kinder that we could look at. 

Then I would just call out random words on her list for her to try and spell without looking. She did good!

Noah's turn. 

"WHAT are you doing MOM?!"  He was really surprised that I just squirted this on the table and that HE got to mess it all up!

Boys love making a mess, right?

With his attention span, he stuck with it for me to call out each letter A-F once. I still had to help him a little. 

I think this was supposed to be his "C"

Last summer, we had started using those little craft poms for "warm fuzzies". The kids would earn them based on their good manners, getting along with one another etc. They each have a jar and once we fill it all the way up, we do something special. Like go get frozen yogurt or go to a movie, nothing too extravagant. 

They can't ask for them, it has to be noticed by me or Jeff. I pulled these back out just yesterday when Myla earned a few for following directions when it was time to get out of the pool at my mom's house. Noah hadn't earned any yesterday but I did give him a couple today for doing our "F" activities.  This seems to motivate him for now so maybe I will keep this up and he can earn them for doing our letter of the day things!

So...F is for "fuzzies"!!

He really can be sweet. :) 

We later went to Fuzzy's for lunch. Total coincidence that it started with an "F" and that I had just mentioned a different type of "fuzzies.

Myla pointed out all of the "F"s on my cup.

 Then Noah started pointing out all of the letters he knew on the cup. The first one he found was "E"! Yea! Maybe he IS learning something?!

Love this kid!

Funny guy....Always making us laugh!

And my sweet girl!!!

His daily letter pic!!

The kids start VBS next week, 9-12, M-F....Hallelujah!! But we will try and squeeze in some more letter activities in the afternoon!

Until then....have a fabulous Sunday!

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