Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ice cream, an island and a cute Inventor!

Today, Noah could go back to VBS after being out sick for 2 days! Yea!

Love spending time with our cousins!!

After VBS, mom and I took the kids to Chick Fil A for lunch and ICE Cream!!! 

Love this one!

Noah is SCREAMING "ICE CREAM!" (sorry fellow Chick Fil A patrons)

Sweet boys

EARLIER in the day...While the kids were at VBS, I had time to find my old box of Letter of the Day stuff that I had saved from Myla's activities. Score!!! I knew I had stashed them someplace but could't remember where. I just hadn't taken the time to search for it until today!

I wanted to re-create an activity from what I did 2 years ago...the Island of Is!!!

We were going to "travel" to a deserted island and look for buried treasure! Sounds like fun, huh?

I had found this printable treasure chest and taped it on to one of Noah's little chest that he had in his room.  Inside the treasure chest would be a collection of letters and other items and the kids would have to only search for the "I"s.

 See?? The blue blanket is the Ocean, the white blanket is the Island!! hee hee

Then I searched my letter collections and pulled out all the "I"s and threw in a couple of other letters that Noah already "knows". 

Then I threw in some random stuff (mainly for Myla since she can determine her sounds.) And then I also had some high frequency word cards from when I taught first grade that I threw in there for Myla to read when she found them. 

Once we got home, it was all set up and they ran into see what was going on. 

To make it a little more fun, I had us hop on our "cruise ship" and travel all around the house until we reached the deserted island. Myla really got into it. Noah was just confused. We apparently cruised on by the Hawaiian islands and waved "Aloha" as we sailed by. And then we found the island of Is!!

Noah noticed the treasure right away!

Pardon the blurry pics (it does kinda match my eyesight at the moment...actually my eyesight is much worse! I'm getting a new phone tomorrow!!)

Here they are going through the treasure! BLLUUURRR! 

My sweetness. 

Noah kept pulling out the Non-I items like the football and the car. (I had told them to ignore the items that were not Is and only get out the Is because that was our ticket off the island since pirates were coming!)
Just trying to keep it entertaining and this seemed to work.

Noah kept saying..."Hurry! Pirates are comin' to get us!!"

I is for Impala!

Almost through with the whole treasure chest!

Noah got the last I card and waved it in front of his face. 

THEN....we had one more place to travel!!

Noah was now going to transform into an INVENTOR and we were going to fly in his private jet plane to share all about his famous invention....a magic potion to turn people into......(wait for it, wait for it).... MYLA. Totally his idea. 

Then we decided he would invent a magic potion to turn everyone into basketball players. 


So imaginative!

The last thing we did was check out the I card on the kids Alphie toy. Myla got this for Christmas several years ago and still plays with it. 

He looks a little intimidated here!

That pretty much wraps up our "I" day. I do think this is a letter he already recognizes pretty well and that is my only goal for him right now. :)

We had dinner out at Rockfish tonight and I captured a sweet moment...

I is for IN LOVE with these two...

Most likely taking tomorrow off...mainly because I have no ideas for J yet. I don't know, maybe we should just power through. Might have to hit up Pinterest...we will see.

Until next time!

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