Sunday, June 21, 2015

K is for Kisses on Father's Day!

AND....K is for kick!

This was actually yesterday but just wanted to provide a brief peek into Noah's daily routine with a ball. 

He runs, he throws, he kicks.


He loves to go around the house and find places to score goals. 

All the while, he usually has a whistle of some sort in his mouth so he can blow it when it "goes outta bounds" or if he scores a goal. 

(That's supposed to be some plastic whistle.)

By now, Noah is used to expecting the new letter of the day at his place setting at breakfast each day. 

But, before we get into "K" day, I thought our Father's Day morning was worth documenting. 

Wanted to share Jeff's annual Father's Day photo gift...

For the past 4 years, once our family was complete, I started giving him a photo gift of the kids. I use the same black 8X10 frame and just place the most recent one on top in the frame. He looks forward to it each year. 

I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest of three siblings each holding a little chalkboard that said this message but I just adapted it a bit. Didn't have a small chalkboard at the house, nor do I have three kids so we used the easel in Myla's room, some sidewalk chalk and made it work. 

The kids were in the game room playing Legos with daddy when I started this in Myla's room. I called Myla in {secretly} to take the first pic.

Then I would just erase to draw the next part and called the next kid in...

The longest part of this was getting them both to look and smile. 

Here are some outtakes. ;)

Noah's not looking...

Myla's not looking...

Oops, chopped off Myla's head.

Myla isn't looking again...

YEA!! This is the one!

Even Noah wrote his name!!

I then just created a PowerPoint slide and inserted the three pics I wanted. Added a background and saved as a PNG file...all while making dinner last night!! Don't be too was spaghetti. 

This morning we got up and went to church. Yearly routine after church is to have Jeff open his gift and take some cute pics on the couch. :)

I love this one of Myla. Don't let Jeff's look fool you... he loved it. :)

They love their daddy.

K is for KISSES!!

Silly faces.
Yep, I really have 3 kids after all.

OK... back to what we did with K.

I had already planned on having the kids create crowns.

K is for KING!

 On the way to church this morning, we talked about how we were going to church to celebrate the one true KING!

Just pardon the dirty table (again.)

I went ahead and spelled KING out on top of Noah's crown and I would have him write or use stickers for his name.

I couldn't leave Myla out...she decorated her crown too. 

Noah wanted to build, he said. So he is attempting to open up some foam shapes I had. Ok, kid...sounds good to me. 

He started "building" on his crown. He let me add stickers to the top!

But THEN, he WANTED to write his name!!

So he did!!

That's all he did though...he was off to kick the ball around some more. 

Myla wanted to make a K out of the blocks to "teach" Noah. 

Not bad!

But then we decided it would be best to make it with popsicle sticks.

I had some sentence strips laying around that I put together so they could actually wear these for a few minutes.

Myla had to color and decorate hers, of course.

Meanwhile, Noah grabbed his crown to pose..."Mom! Look at me...I'ma KING!"

Thought this was the perfect time for me to snap his Letter of the Day pic. He was in such good spirits. 

Or so I thought... no smiles here.

I found my dad's old robe to drape over him and then last minute handed him his golf club to be his staff. Now, he smiles!!

So he is now King of Clubs! lol

The Queen wanted to pose with her bunny because she is "so KIND and loving to animals."

Later, it was time for a snack. I remembered seeing these KITE snacks on Pinterest so we recreated them. 

They kinda look like kites, right??

I had to improvise since we didn't have pretzel sticks but those little cracker things that come in the Chex Mix seemed to work just fine!

Graham crackers, peanut butter, chex mix and marshmallows!

He wouldn't smile for me but he gobbled it up. :)

Later this evening, we are heading over to Jeff's parent's house for Father's Day dinner. Grilling out steaks...yum!

Hope everyone is having a great Father's Day!!

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