Wednesday, June 24, 2015

M, N, O...he knows!!

Ok, so call me a slacker, but I am THRILLED that Noah already knows the next 3 letters. We have a busy week and there's not a whole lot of time to do any creative activities so I'm just posting his M  Letter pic ( I have NO idea what to do for O yet) with a mini blog post today.

Yesterday we went to the zoo with Jeff's parents and had a great time! I'll post pics on Facebook later but Noah loved looking at the Map on the way there.....

and while we were at the zoo!

So, M is for MAPS!

I know, I was really reaching there.

But this morning, I thought we would just review...

"MOM, I already know these....that's an M! (as he points to our M on the wall. 

And here is an "N" on my shirt.

And this is an "O"...

 Ok, my work here is done. Ha ha, not really but I was going to welcome the break today.

So I let him color on the table instead....

Myla realized he could spell a word with his letters today so he wrote it on the table.

Then we were off to get donuts with our cousins!!

They are leaving tomorrow for California for 2 weeks and we are sure going to miss them!!

Hugging goodbye!

In other news, BIG changes with our caterpillars! They are all in their chrysalis stage so Myla recorded in her observation book today!

But one fell down from the top. Myla predicts he "might not make it".  ;(

And lastly, Noah's Letter pic..

The rivalry continues!! This was MY high school and there was much talk about him NOT posing as a Marauder from my husband and some other Lewisville fans BUT I just couldn't help myself. He looks great in red!! Don't you agree?!

I'm going to be in SOO much trouble for this!!

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