Tuesday, June 9, 2015

B is for Baller...with a Blankie

 We were up early this morning to get the kids ready for Volleyball camp (for Myla) and Basketball camp for Daddy (and Noah). My husband who is a high school basketball coach offered to take the kids all week with him to camp. So, mornings all to myself?! Yes, please!! {Lucky me!!}

Anyway, to kick off our "B" day we had Blueberries with breakfast. I drew a capital B on the whiteboard for Noah to place his blueberries on. He did NOT want to cover up the B because then the blueberries would taste "all gross!" Whatev. So he made his B off to the side. Really, I had to get it started before he would do it.

"Look at that mom, made my "B"....high five!!"

The BEST part was when he got to mess it all up. Gotta love BOYS! Sheer joy!

Myla wanted some practice too, so since brother had demolished what was left of the blueberries, I had her work with the cheerios instead. I drew a capital B and a lower case b on our glass table with an Expo marker. You should've heard the kids...

"MOM! You do NOT write on the table! What are you doing?!" ha ha
Once she realized it would wipe right off, she let it go. :)

I wrote the letters a little smaller for her so it was a little more challenging. 

{Just pay no attention to the dirty glass table. Clearly, cleaning is NOT a priority for me this week}

After breakfast, Noah was able to point out his B magnet. 

Then the kids were off to camp! I was thrilled to have the morning to myself...ran a few errands, cashed in my Target gift cards AND had lunch with some friends! It was a glorious morning!

MEANWHILE, at Basketball camp....

Our Baller having a great time dribbling all around the court!

Jeff took this quick video of Noah shooting some hoops. So...B is for BASKETBALL!

He had a BLAST at camp with Daddy but was certainly ready for his nap when I picked him up...
As soon as we walked in the door he went straight for his blankie. Oh, the blankie. He is so attached. A goal for us this summer is to keep Blankie in the bed. As you can see, Noah likes to suck his thumb when holding blankie so we are determined to nip that this summer. 


B is for Baller with a Blankie. :) 

I know...he sure is cute. 

After nap, I had prepared some blocks to do some building! I pulled a few handfuls of blocks out of their tub 'o blocks in the closet and marked letters on them with a sharpie. (should come off with nail polish remover, I think!) The "B" contraption you see in the pic were blocks already put together so I marked all of those "B". The idea was for Noah to "B" on the lookout for all of the "Bb" blocks and build a tower with them. 

I had it all set up, waiting for N to wake up!

Blocks in the Basket!

BUT...guess who didn't want to "play". Noah woke up super grumpy and didn't want to play blocks. He wanted to play with his trucks instead so I didn't push it. 

So, Myla took on the "B" building challenge! A little too easy for her but she had fun anyway. I had thrown a couple of lowercase "b"s in there too. 

We figured out it would be easier to sort the blocks and put all of the other letter blocks back in the basket. 

 She was done in no time and ready for her next challenge!

When I marked all of these blocks I had already planned for Myla to stack them in ABC order. It ended up being a great extension!

She preferred to stack some next to one another instead of one on top of the other, like I had imagined. She said it would be too tall and would topple over. She was probably right. 

She would stop and go through the ABCs a few times to make sure she had the next letter right. 


Noah was perfectly content to play "Bulldozer Battle" (Hey, it does start with a "B"!!)

All done!!

Right before we did this activity, Myla mentioned that her eye was hurting. She had some nasty green goo coming out of it too. As the night went on, it got more red and swollen. I had bacterial conjunctivitis last week (last 2 days of school!) and think it spread to her. :(

She is so sad and hoping she won't miss "Bolleyball" Camp. Oh yes, she thought it was Bolleyball instead of Volleyball until today. Guess she was sticking with the "B" theme of the day. ;)

Most likely taking her to the doctor in the morning. No fun. :(

Honestly, I have NO plans for "C" day yet. 

Ooh! Maybe we will do something with Construction trucks! Or Catching! 

Hoping one of those ideas will interest him?!

Or maybe just a whole bunch of Cuddling. I know I will like that one best. 

C you tomorrow!!

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